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Finomítás a következő alapján: MOL (mégse)
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  • Identifies new business opportunities and.
  • Marketing strategy for the recycling business line.
  • For MOL’s recycling business line.
  • Exposure to MOL’s top.
  • Road map in line with approved concepts.
  • Harmonized organization and the new E2E maintenance process.
  • Transformation initiatives for Single Service Companies in…
  • Currently looking for the new.
  • Design and implement new tools (based on business.
  • Up-to-date information for HQ line managers.
  • At Mol Group we are.
  • Coordinates and owns the business requirement specifications of its own sub-domain, in-line with domain business and IT strategy.
  • Us as an HR Business Analyst.
  • Personalised communications are in line with GDPR requirements.
  • New collague to join our innovative team as a.
  • Unit strategy for Retail and Mobility.
  • In line with its 2030 Strategy MOL Group will invest in new technologies and upgrade current ones.
  • Department is looking for a new colleague as.
  • Keeps people moving ahead by discovering new.
  • Keep LPG product line strategy updated, support annual and monthly business.
  • The dynamic and innovative industry.
  • Would you like to contribute the company’s development by creating a new strategy?
  • Human Resources Management MOL organization is seeking a new staff member for…
  • Seeks a new staff member for the following position:
  • Ventures (within Innovative Businesses and Services division).
  • Under the umbrella of Ventures department.
  • Logistics organization is looking for a new colleague for the position of:
  • Delivers in-time within budget and in line with set standard architectures and.