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Hungary (HU) || || Budapest || IT. SAN Engineering tools develops and operates tools and services for Ericsson R&D. Develop and test high quality products.
Understand that a model is only good when it can be implemented, delivered and it performs well in real environment and not just on paper.
It is a Common-ID component with adaptations towards CBA and ADP (micro services). Let’s make it a good one. It is implemented using C++ 11.
Hungary (HU) || || Budapest || R&D. We are a world leader in the rapidly changing environment of communications technology – by providing hardware, software,…
It offers services such as IP/MPLS edge routing and Evolved Packet Gateway functionalities. The Smart Services Router (SSR) provides operators with a highly…
EVIP, Database Services (DBS), vDicos and C-Diameter. In Hungary, we are looking for an experienced Scrum Master. Hungary (HU) || || Budapest || R&D.
Hungary (HU) || || Budapest || R&D. EEA lets operators capture not just data, but real consumer insights to help deliver the services that drive growth.
Let’s make it a good one. Ericsson Hungary is looking for PDU CD – C++ Developer Intern. Hungary (HU) || || Budapest || R&D. Real team-player and open to learn.
It covers three main ecosystems: Have focus on early phases and driving innovations in security domain, to evolve generic components and services for cloud…
Hungary (HU) || || Budapest || R&D. Ericsson Hungary is looking for C++ Developers for Ericsson Expert Analytics. Knowledge in Linux kernel would be an asset.