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  • The SDU provides application operation-, monitoring- and process management services for global customers.
  • The position is located in Pécs.
  • It is a professional top position, provides professional guidance and coordination, but has no people management tasks or budget and project management…
  • Daily tasks in our team include solving issues related to both the environment and those that are reported by our customers.
  • The IoT Marketing team is responsible for the international marketing and communications strategy of Deutsche Telekom in the segment of IoT (internet of things)…
  • Possesses all the expertise necessary to overview the production of a service unit – together with knowledge regarding the underlying technologies.
  • Maintain high level Customer satisfaction by clarifying Customer needs and ensuring that they are met.
  • Installs various types of software including operating…
  • As DBA you will be responsible for multiple oracle architectures ( Single instance, RAC, DataGuard ) Oracle databases 10g/11g/12c on Linux, Solaris, Windows.
  • Work in a dynamic international team and provide end-2-end support for international companies such as insurance, healthcare and automotive companies.
  • Sokrétű technikai tudás megszerzése után, második szintű támogatás nyújtása külső ügyfelek számára.
  • Különböző üzleti, ügyfélspecifikus Unix szerveroldali…
  • Creating lead generation campaigns (Cold-calls, Email campaigns, Social media, etc.).
  • Execute on the lead generation campaigns.