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Let us introduce ourselves. ZEISS is technology. ZEISS is optics and innovation. We develop, manufacture and sell highly innovative products and solutions for our customers in a variety of business fields – always testing the limits of what is feasible. As one of the world’s top technology companies with a portfolio aligned with future growth areas – 

Digital Innovation PartnersDigital Innovation PartnersDigital Innovation PartnersDigital Innovation Partners

Digital Innovations @ ZEISS

This is what drives you.

Team players with an innovative spirit. Experts with real depth. People who share their knowledge and are thirsty to learn more, unleash their potential and leave their mark. We’re looking for people who are empathetic and passionate, who are committed to achieving their goals and who get excited about challenging topics. People who achieve great things and push the limits of what is possible. Who always strive to develop, accept responsibility, and take society into the future. As the global TEAM ZEISS. And because we want to attract top talents and experts, we’re looking for you. With your motivation and your passion, you are a great fit for us. You’re ready to do your best to achieve your goals. Are you open to new things, to the latest trends and to transformation? Are you motivated to help a global technology leader with a long history ensure an equally bright future? Do you want to play an active role in helping us achieve this? Seize this opportunity and take advantage of new prospects!

Production @ ZEISS

Redefine the status quo // Research & Development @ ZEISS

Project Management @ ZEISS

You’re the best fit.

Whether you’re a physicist, engineer, IT expert, business economist or machine builder. Whether you have a background in academia or the skilled trades. If you are interested in a traineeship, a co-op or a trainee program. A PhD or direct entry. Whether you’ve recently graduated or already have some experience and are looking for a new challenge. Whatever your background, we’re looking for people who think outside the box. People with ideas and vision. For chemists who want to perform corporate strategy duties. For engineers who like to work in sales, and lawyers who can get to grips with a role at HR. Whether you’re a leader or on the Expert Ladder at ZEISS, we have challenges that everyone can rise to. Just take a look at the diversity on offer – research and technology, strategy development, IT, marketing and sales, service, production, HR and so much more. In Germany and across the globe. Welcome to ZEISS!

Sales & Service @ ZEISS

Shaping the Digital Future // ZEISS at Digital Shapers 2020

In order to develop new digital business models, you need an in-depth understanding of what our digital future might look like. As the head of a business development department at ZEISS, it’s therefore Markus’ job to “predict” the future. His background not only helps him steer ZEISS into a digitally bright future, Markus will also act as an industrial consultant at this year’s Digital Shapers contest. The contest will see 30 young digital minds divided up into five teams and asked to solve a real digital challenge that ZEISS and its partners are facing.