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  • Everybody who works there are all just amazing fun people.

    When I worked there I would always feel so at home and being surrounded by nice, smart, and respectful people is good for me. At the ymca you have to really use your voice and communicate or everything will get hectic.
    Camp Counselor (Volt alkalmazott)
    North Hollywood, CA - 2020, június 30.
  • The YMCA Camp Counselor Experience

    To begin I would like to start off with the typical day as a YMCA camp counselor. Firstly, when it comes to working at one of the camp sites most of the work is finding and/or making games up for the kids for indoor and outdoor play, based on how the...
    YMCA Camp Counselor (Jelenlegi alkalmazott)
    Harrisburg, PA - 2020, június 30.
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