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disappointing place to work

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2019, szeptember 23.
when I started work here, I looked forward to being in a healthy work environment with great coworkers and a company that actually cares about the community. NOT PROS: it's a community focused company. sometimes Cons: NOT HALF AS WELCOMING AS THEY CLAIM. Overall Stressful work environment. Immature Staff. Unprofessional management. Essentially, High school all over again. This job is not for everyone. A typical day at work consisted of my coworkers trying to get me fired. Spent half my 5 months of work in the "Principals" office getting blamed for things the other staff did and being accused of nonsense. With no real regard to the actual person I am. But since your new, they believe the veteran staff and whatever they accuse you of. you start the job with no real training. rely on the (not so) honest word of your coworkers to tell you what needs to be done. Employees would rather be anywhere else. If they like you, you might get a shift. Or all the shifts nobody else wants. On time is late, too early is frowned upon, too late = pink slip. Got along better with the people outside my department. At least the welcome desk was friendly. Working in Childcare means 2 things, A. your being watched at all times. B. Your a human target. If you like working with kids, work in a school. I do NOT recommend the Y. should file a discrimination complaint for all the harassment I endured in that place. But hey if you make a really great first impression they might treat you like a normal human being.
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