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It was a time
Child Care Worker (Volt alkalmazott) –  Olympia, WA2019, október 16.
Most of the time we were understaffed because it was hard to keep staff on and subsitutes for staff were rare to actually get.
When were were in ratio we were sometimes called away from our site to go to other understaffed sites- which made both sites understaffed.
Kids are great, but having 60+ of them with only 3-4 staff? It makes life hard
Can't call in sick most of the time, you gotta go until you are barely in ratio enough to leave.
The staff can be great and fun and helpful, and others are there just to make money, and they don't really help out. its horrible.
A staff i worked with had a medical issue with their leg, and needed to sit after standing for a long while- but someone from management yelled at them saying they needed to stay standing. So workplace culture is hit or miss.
with some schools, there are too many kids for the amount of staff and the space given to us- especially if it rains, that takes away any and all playground time because we don't want wet miserable kids to be cold for 4-5 hours until their parents pick them up.
I learned how to clean up anything a body might produce that isn't healthy to be out in an open area during my time there. I learned how to get sharpie out of the floor and how to entertain kids for half an hour if nothing is ready for them.
I learned how to make up a project on the spot based on what little supplies we are given.
Many people quit after a day or a week, because we aren't given actual training of how to manage children and angry adults. they tell us ideal situations to deal with, but if an angry father comes
  több... yelling at you for who knows what reason- how do you respond when you are a teenager or a young adult? I am seriously asking because we didn't cover that.
They say we can have no physical contact with the kids- and that we can't hit kids which is reasonable, but when a kid keeps punching you in the arm and throwing stuff at your face what do you do? tell the parent its happening? go for it, but that probably won't help anything.
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Fulfilling place to work
Membership Sales & Engagement Coordinator (Jelenlegi alkalmazott) –  Hartford, CT2019, november 14.
This organization is a great organization as a whole. Not a lot of room to grow if you are ambitious and career driven. Management could pay a little more attention to the needs of their staff a lot more. I enjoy my work and hope the work environment becomes better in the near future.
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Great Place to Work
Youth Development Director (Volt alkalmazott) –  Orlando, FL2019, november 14.
You must be a hard worker to succeed! You are often tasked with jobs to complete that are outside of your job description. The company is a non-profit that requires their staff to fundraise and ask members to donate. Good Luck!
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