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Summary of work life
Concierge Support Worker (Jelenlegi alkalmazott) –  Sunderland, ENG2013, november 1.
I took part time work within Sunderland YMCA Foyer which started in July 2009. I have gained knowledge within the role of Housing Support Worker where I managed a case load of six young people. This role involves offering support to residents in developing independent lives through the implementation of the aims and purposes of the YMCA and to help with the running and upkeep of Sunderland YMCA residential property.

Some of the responsibilities I have are to support young people and help them through their support plan to achieve social and economic independence; this is done by daily and weekly contacts along with monthly risk assessments I have to have excellent listen skills as residents at times just want to talk about issues they may be trying to deal with

The role also involves teaching young people how to cook meals, clean their flat and use washing machines, how to iron clothes and to explain and understand how they are expected to conform to what society expects of them which includes respect for others. I have covered all shifts within the YMCA which also includes outreach work with service users who have moved on from the YMCA into properties to gain further independence.

I have to gain the trust and confidence of the residents within the YMCA and at outreach properties and have a good working relationship with them so that I can then advise and guide them with any problems that they may come up against. Within this role I also have to maintain effective relationships and liaison links with other outside agencies such as Social Services Managers and Social
  több... Workers, Youth Offending Teams, Probation Officers, Benefit Officers, Local Authorities, Employment Services and other voluntary agencies.

I am at present a concierge worker on part time night shift hours within the YMCA, this role involves the security of the building and cleaning duties which includes the full clean down of flats for handover to new residents, cleaning of communal areas, cleaning of food preparation areas and kitchens so they can be used during the daytime shifts. I also still cover additional Housing Support Workers shifts as and when required.
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Chanellging Behaviour
Support Worker (Volt alkalmazott) –  Port Talbot, WLS2013, augusztus 14.
I have experience in a busy, unpredicatable and often chaotic environment. I have gained first hand experience of working with clients who abuse alcohol, substances, domestic abuse, self harm, metal health issues and breakdown in family unit. Mover over I have an understanding of the associating problems linked with substance and homelessness including mental health problems, financial and social constraints disadvantage and discrimination from society. I understand the higher level of awareness of different cultures and the disgrace it can bring on families in the community, there needs to be recognition into the differing needs of young people, women and minority ethic groups, mental health issues that can be under represented I work in a project where I deal with front line and crisis intervention all the time. Working in this environment has enabled me to ‘think on my feet’, to be resourceful and use my own initiative.
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Busy, active office, lots going on
Support Worker (Jelenlegi alkalmazott) –  London2013, január 18.
An enjoyable place to work, with great team mates and a fun approach to dealing with situations that can often be very complex and difficult. A typical day at the YMCA could never be described as every day presented staff with different challenges and this is why it was such an interesting place to work, requiring adaptability, patience and sheer hard-working attitude.
Pro érvek
great team and good support from others
Kontra érvek
unsociable hours
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