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Very full day

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2016, február 18.
Currently, I'm working part-time hours for a full time position due to grant restrictions. My daily duties include processing mail; receiving, reconciling, processing, and making daily bank runs for cash deposits; data base entry for accident reports, scanning, filing, and sending paperwork and scans to Association Office; completing and quality review of purchase orders, scanning, filing, and sending paperwork and scans to Association Office; maintaining and distributing office supplies with once a week ordering; assisting branch members, Branch Office Manager, Executive Director, and Childcare/Camp Office Manager when needed. I've set up data bases and helped to initiate the use of scanning procedures to keep files current and streamlined. My management and co-workers are very supportive and a joy to work with understanding that my assigned hours are limited. I thoroughly enjoy the type of work I do, but I have learned that trying to fit 40 weekly hours of duties into 25 weekly hours is not healthy for me. Knowing that I am helping and giving back to the community is a comforting and satisfying goal for me. So, leaving this place would be sad, but necessary at this time in my life, as I need to find a better fit for myself.
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Co-workers, my job duties, and interaction with branch members
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location and amount of duties in a short day
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