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Not that great of a place to work

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2020, június 6.
For regular front desk employees, the shifts are short, the pay is low ($9-$10/hr), and they expect you to constantly be busy doing something, even when nothing is going on. Everything they do in regards to signing up memberships and computer work is extremely unorganized and outdated. If you are a young female, get ready to be told you're "wearing too much makeup" or "you can't work out here in spandex shorts." Old men (members) make nasty jokes at you all day regardless of what you're wearing. You can't work anywhere near fulltime unless you're retired. Most of the members complain about ridiculous things such as, "someone dropped a weight loudly" or "people shouldn't be on their headphones while using a machine because it's rude." It's just a mess, really.
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  1. Not that great of a place to work