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Interesting if you enjoy working with kids.

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2016, augusztus 16.
Its a decent place to work if you have the schooling necessary to get paid more than the bare minimum, the hours are random and can change on a dime everyday. A few of my coworkers even go on EI over the summer because there isnt enough work for everyone when school is out. There is no to minimal benefits and then can and will change the wording of your work contract to not give you benefits The women whom I work with sometimes can be petty and weild any small amount of power they have over the lesser folks. Some of them are the nicest people I have every met but most will ignore you. You can and will be fired at the slightest thing done wrong as it is childcare and will be investigated for the slightest mishap even if you haven't had the proper training. One good thing is seeing the kids smiles when you've made up an activity and they all love it. It almost makes it all worth it.
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Freedom to control what you do.
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Random hours, low pay.
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  1. Interesting if you enjoy working with kids.