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Great place to work - also came with free use of the facilities when not working.

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2018, április 8.
I cleaned change rooms, washrooms, a gymnasium, racquetball courts, fitness areas and multi-purpose rooms. I also washed, dried, and folded towels. I worked with great people and one of the people I met became a friend and later became my husband. The hardest part of the job was working as a night cleaner while I was pregnant with my daughter due to the work being physically demanding - it was difficult to bend over towards the end - and some fatigue issues. When I came back to work after maternity leave it seems like I was always tired also from being up with the baby etc...That was the biggest challenge but that should in no way reflect badly on the job or the facility - it was not their fault. I always like cleaning/laundry jobs and this was the third cleaning/laundry job that I did. I worked for two summer camps prior cleaning washrooms, cabins, and rec halls, doing a variety of other maintenance tasks as required and doing camper, staff, and kitchen laundry. I really enjoy both cleaning and laundry - I can tangibly see the progress I make, I take pride in doing it well, and it is not mentally/emotionally draining.
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  1. Great place to work - also came with free use of the facilities when not working.