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Flawed, but if you can overlook the management it's a great job

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2020, július 13.
Let me first say that while I worked at the Y I loved my job. The kids I worked with were absolutely fantastic, but the resources to help them with their emotional issues were severely lacking. I didn't feel comfortable simply submitting a report and "wiping my hands" of any other way to help. I was fired after I accidentally broke company policy (not anything major, just an ill-thought out tweet), after talking to others with similar jobs at other establishments I was told that I likely would not be outright fired for the same thing at said similar job. That part is very important. This job, while a summer camp counselor job, was held to an extremely high standard. I'd honestly suggest forgoing social media while you work there, it's a minefield. Oh and be aware that they are always watching what you are doing on the security cameras, and even if the kids are having fun it is possible that what they are doing "looks bad on camera." That's just food for thought. I'm not trying to discourage anyone from working there, it's just important that you pay attention to what is expected of you from the get-go.
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Great kids, cool coworkers, fun field trips
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Poor ability to help said kids, sweeping corporate policy with little room for error
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  1. Flawed, but if you can overlook the management it's a great job