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Very Productive and great employee benefits

It's a huge multinational company with stable and consistent organisational growth with scope for individual growth and good employment benefits. The work load is more which makes the work-life balance off, but it gives more opportunity to learn and develop one's skill set.

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Good allowances and pay

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Very long work days

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Munka/magánélet egyensúlya: 2,0/5 csillag
Bérezés/juttatások: 5,0/5 csillag
Munkahelyi biztonság/Előrelépés: 5,0/5 csillag
Vezetőség: 5,0/5 csillag
Céges kultúra: 5,0/5 csillag
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Work environment totally depends on the client we work for

I worked for Noor Bank and so right from the timing, the workplace culture, the management everything was cool. It was fun to work with them. Only disadvantage about Wipro is it's salary. There's no growth in it and even if there's a hike, it is maximum of AED 500/-, once in 2 years and not more than it.
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Exciting international opportunity in Budapest

I’ve worked for WIPRO Hungary Ltd. (Which is the Hungarian office of the well-known Indian company WIPRO Ltd.) for six months previously which was full time employment and I was in charge for maintaining tracking and scheduling warranty related software development items towards our client. This concluded in daily synchronizations with the client and as well as in house with the developers which fruited in a single warranty defects tracker I maintained and distributed. Occasionally I also had to substitute my superior on meetings.
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Munka/magánélet egyensúlya: 3,6/5 csillag
Bérezés/juttatások: 3,2/5 csillag
Munkahelyi biztonság/Előrelépés: 3,7/5 csillag
Vezetőség: 3,4/5 csillag
Céges kultúra: 3,6/5 csillag
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