Walgreens Karrier és állás

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3,5Munka/magánélet egyensúlya
3,3Munkahelyi biztonság/Előrelépés
3,5Céges kultúra
Pro's and con's
CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSOCIATE (korábbi alkalmazott) itt: Ashburn, VA ekkor: 2018, június 30.
The atmosphere has a lot to do with whether or not walgreen's will be a nice, stress-free job, or a stressful and frustrating place of work. The store I worked at was one of the busiest in the area, but we were lucky to have a great store manager, and staff that actively engaged in appropriate, friendly work relationships. As a company, walgreen's does - több... not pay its employees what they are worth. Over the course of three year i had only made a 56 cent increase in pay, a coworker had only made a cent increase in the course of a year. - kevesebb
Pro érvekstaff relationships, paid 15 minute break
Kontra érvekpay
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