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Manufacture Work

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Co-workers was were nice. Work was good. Learned how to work the pull test.
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Terribly managed by all

They dont even know what they are doing there, thet allow newhires to train new hires and even temps to train temps and then punish fulltime for work falling behind because of their oversight.
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Production supersedes quality and safety.

Wabtec itself is a great company, but the KCR Plant is currently being ran into the ground by a production lead with 0 integrity, and a Plant Manager that seems to not mind as long as production numbers are being met.
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Good company to work for. Enjoyed my roles & responsibilities with Ellcon, FTNA and Wabtec. Would be open to working with the company again in the future.
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Work life balance, generous leaves

Very less hike unlike other product based companiesFlexible working hoursIf u are unlucky u will deal with helicopter managers few lunatics too.Be careful with exitLunatics can argue with ur resignation date

Pro érvek

40 leaves per year flexible work hours

Kontra érvek

Exit process pathetic
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Management & pay

50% of the people waiting to retire. People bringing in lazy or don't stay but 5 months at the most. Poor management don't hold people accountable for there actions
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Terrible air quality

I can’t even believe this place is allowed to stay open the air is ALWAYS full of smoke and dust it gets hard to breath. Management refuses to take acting despite being asked constantly to fix the hazardous air quality. Arsenic was found in the air in a particular area. And they are wondering why union talks are going around. If the request you ask for costs money (even when it conserves employee health) it’s basically off the table. Have fun with lung cancer and heart disease with this place
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Good pay lots of overtime available

Union shop the union stands behind you tho the company treats you fair so not really any problems show up on time and do your job and you won't have any problems management leaves you alone
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Steady mediocre job

Nothing special and loyalty doesn't get you much. Questionable leadership at best with the wrong people in the higher structure of the company. It can be a fun environment, but you are just a number. Lack luster raises mixed with questionable ethics make this a tough sell.
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Good if your gonna dedicate your life to working here. The management is terrible and deceitful commonly lies to its employees in they don't value education. They would rather put anyone new in positions that the other employees don't want to be at versus advancing them
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Rough transition to Wabtec

The transition to Wabtec has been rough. Training programs are not effective and too many acquisitions and no clear culture and objective will eventually hurt the company. Wabtec is comfortable right now because they essentially have no real competition.
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Good money /benefits

Pays well, treated fairly , but they preach that hourly employees move up , they do not . Team members are ok , but management lies to upper management to make sure they get there raises , in this case is causes a lot of wrong work expectation’s
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Dead environment

Been a employee for 4 years now could be better but upper management likes the way it is with having a high turnover rate and no room for advancement unless you're family and after 2 years you are capped out pay rate wise with no sort of work performance bonus of any kind. best part about being on this job is the benefits and the people you meet from all around the country building work/friendship along the way that is what get people through the day/week however you will get burned out very quickly not so much from the work load although it can get to be too much while being under staff, but from the way upper management on day to day basis operates during production

Pro érvek

Great benefits

Kontra érvek

Work more than usual mandatory due to the lack of planning from management
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Amazing coworkers but horrible management!

Management and Leads spend most time micro-managing and/or running around rather than pushing product. Personally, I always felt stressed of not completing enough and felt underappreciated for the 50-60 hour, 6 day weeks (Monday - Saturday), which took a massive toll on my mental and physical health. 99% of coworkers were fabulous, helpful, hardworking, and appreciative, however the overall environment is unhealthy due to manual labor being corporated and micro-managed, management’s lack of communication resulting in the shop hands being thrown under the bus and punished “accordingly,” and Wabtec’s lackluster, handbook-thumping HR who make decisions without any understanding of what goes on within their shops, nor know the names of who is even working for them.
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I have had the pleasure of having some of the best managers. They have been supportive, understanding, and very knowledgeable. This is something you do not come across multiple times in a career.
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There is no work life to personal balance. Management team will work against each other.

There is no work life is really your only life with this company. No real compensation for time away from home/family. Management team does not communicate well with staff, which usually leaves you as the bottom employees getting the “runaround” from state to state. It’s more personal than business with this company.
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No opportunity

They are not good promoting if you are not part of click than you are outside It don't matter how hard you work Management terrible and Hr horrible.
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Too much work production for not enough compensation

Not a good company to work for, not good wages, hard to get in touch with hr person would not recommend this plant !!!!!!!! Too much insecurity and not enough workers they expected to much of everyone

Pro érvek

Overtime if you want

Kontra érvek

2 10minute breaks
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A good company to climb the ladder in

people are nice, communication could be better and more aligned systems processes.Easy to be a company you can find yourself staying in for a long time Benefits are good
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Great place to work

Very challenging industry requiring high level of skill in the CNC operations. High level of responsibility because people's lives are at stake being they manufacturer air brakes for the passenger transit division.
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Horrible place to work.

The management is horrible. So much drama. It's like high school. Dangerous place to work. Hours are good and benefits that's about it. Lots of stress! It will bring you down! No teamwork. Everyone wants to one up you.
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