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Latest technology but not much advancement ops

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Worked in a support role for 5+ years, and enjoyed being part of such a well-known company. Wasn't encouraged to advance career-wise, and not seriously considered for roles above what I was doing. I got the sense that they didn't want to lose people in the department rather than promote.

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Benefits, latest technology

Kontra érvek

Pay, lack of advancement, trainging
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Productive place to work.

If you work hard, there is huge latitude to achieve great things. You do not need to understand technology in great detail. You will need to work well on a team and collaborate to achieve.
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Work and get paid

Pays well although the work life balance is based off your seniority and position within the company. Visa’s culture is overall positive and encouraging for individuals to strive for their goals.
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Easy to get comfortable

Pros: Stable job, hard to perform poorly, tons of flexibility and work life balanceCons: low pay, that is worse the longer you stay, too much work on too few people, sometimes hard to find good times to use pto.
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Wonderful benefits and pay, not so understanding at times

I actually love my job with Visa, the pay, the benefits, etc are amazing. I have had some unexpected health issues and had to have surgery and missed a significant amount of days because of this but things are better now after surgery but I feel like management are not as understanding as I expected.

Pro érvek

Pay and benefits

Kontra érvek

Need more empathy
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Segíts másoknak a tapasztalataid megosztásával.

Very rewarding

I found the work culture very supportive, very friendly and understanding. There were many travel opportunities and a chance to job share. Love and admire the people that worked with me.
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okay place to work

Love my job! Opportunities to progress if you want to and everything advertised internally first. If you want to be busy then ideal, if you want to be sat waiting for calls then you need to change your career. Yes, there are times when you can’t always get the shifts you want but plenty of times when you can, that’s what flexibility is, works both ways!!
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Great place

Lots of great benefits but working from home is one of the best. Good support and paid time off as well. Insurance options are good and you have plenty of opportunities to advance
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Overall its good

Salary hike is less compared to other payment tech companies, if you're in support projects then learning curve will be very low and moving to dev team is quite difficult
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Good job

Working there was great a lot of support from management. I did not like the scheduling hours all evening and every weekend. The pay was great and lots of training.
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Good stability

Great work/life balance and benefits are good. Would expect more of a brand name like Visa. Everything inside is not organized and still very manual.
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Sales Excellence Manager

good company to work forgreat benefits and pension schemeslow decision makingno progressionmanagement team takes ages to approve salarysome managers are micro-managers
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Great place to work

Great environment and good team. Good learning resources for people within the firm, good team collaboration for cross team projects. Broad range of projects to work on
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They lie

Stay away go anywhere else they lie so they can get rid of at all costs. No chance at all to explain your side or anything.just go else where and visa can put u know where
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Very Good

Good. Typical work day includes working on a lot of different projects which increase your overall knowledge to take on more difficult projects. Good prospects.
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Good work environment

Slow paced environmentSome managers are biased for particular people otherwise great place to work, so based on the teamGood COVID insurance policy for family and other benefits

Pro érvek

We have to pay little money for all meals
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Great place to be

The foundation of a great workplace lies in a culture of trust and engagement that unites management and the workforce in a common vision that’s not only about success but that describes the type of organisation an employer wants to be. “We’re talking about very intentional, people-centric culture".

Pro érvek

Benefits and career progression
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Great ping pong

I was impressed during my time at Visa. The company culture and management style was both manageable and flexible. I improved my work life balance and was able to move through the ranks very quickly.
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Visa has great benefits but it is process heavy company.

Visa has great benefits but it is process heavy company. Also, Visa is slow in adopting new technologies. No public cloud is used in production. Private cloud is lacking new features.
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Feels slow and old. no room for innovation. lots of middle management just wasting away their time. If you value growth / experience, I would look elsewhere
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productive and fun

working at visa was fast paced with opportunity for those who want to do extra or take courses to get ahead. Fulfilling your duties as required is also fine.

Pro érvek

free lunches

Kontra érvek

long hours
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