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Great benefits and job security
United States Postsl Service Window Retail Clerk (Jelenlegi alkalmazott) –  Blue Bell, PA2019, szeptember 8.
Great benefits and job security, but not flexible with schedules. Once you become a full time regular employee you will then get a set schedule if you choose or apply for that position. Most start out as a part-time flexible employee where hours can change week to week and even day by day.
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Truck Driver Class A (Volt alkalmazott) –  Pittsburgh gmf2019, október 19.
After you make regular the money is great with lots of overtime. People csn make over 60k easily. The work is hard and management rides your but They expect you to give your whole life to the job.
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Horrendous unethical treatment from management. Hostile work environment always.
Rural Letter Carrier Associate (Volt alkalmazott) –  Austin, TX2019, október 19.
After 4 years of working as a Sub Rural Carrier Assistant with the hope of soon becoming a Regular full time career employee and no longer having to sit by my phone from 7-9am as On Call ready to come in 5 days a week They only guaranteed you ONE day of work a week ( usually Saturdays) so the regular route Carrier for your assigned route has a relief day off other than Sundays of course. No way to really make plans for your home life Lots of ridiculous paperwork and red tape and hoops to jump through to ask for any time off and that’s without pay!!! Four years and haven’t earned a single day of paid time off for sickness or vacation time!!!!
The office has a very strong resemblance of what it feels like to be an animal or inmate with the Supervisors and Management are Wardens and Guards. Playing mind games and bullying for their own entertainment and pleasure .
Filing grievances to get help calls the Union rep in and it gets you nowhere ( goes endlessly for months in circles with paperwork and red tape ) Unresolved and now you are personal vendetta against them.
You will hear in meetings that the office has been growing so more new routes are coming up and other things to make you think about just hanging in there a little longer than you’ll finally get a route and full time career status with all the federal employees benefits . But after a while, all the promising things that they were saying, have been recanted. Poof gone!
If you play their games and do whatever they ask ( basically living in the post office working days on end and not being paid on random
  több... paychecks for those extra hours, because they needed to cover their own butts for having too much overtime on payroll with the regional district office.
It’s a shame.
Not all post office locations are like this one is but from talking with others from across the US, the garbage that goes on like this, is the majority. Folks working as Subs for 10+ years before finally getting a route and fulltime career status is ridiculous to me. I don’t Owe the Post Office! They Owe ME!
Sorry for my rant. I just feel that people go into this job thinking of honor and integrity in the USPS as a entity but aren’t aware of what’s it really like behind the scenes with all the unnecessary stress and the toll that it takes on your mind body and God forbid you have a family life

Best of luck. I hope that you find one of the Better managed Offices!
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Few weeks of paid classroom training, at local distribution plant
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High stress, exposure to the elements, management expectations unrealistic and highly dangerous Life put at risk for speedy delivery, really all of this job is Cons
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