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Most toxic organization I've ever worked for

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2019, március 24.
Worst work environment I've ever experienced, all because I was heavily misled. I'll just paste the rant I gave them in the email they sent me after I quit, inquiring as to why I wouldn't go back to USPS:

"I don't know where to begin.... the United States Postal Service is the most unprofessional, disrespectful, unintelligent, arrogant cesspool of systematic ignorance I've ever witnessed in my entire life. Privatization is honestly the only real solution to all that plagues it on every level. I should've followed my first mind and turned down the job when I caught the first red flag in the form of the trashy lady in administrative laughing at me with a derisive tone as we ended our phone conversation due to a simple miscommunication on my behalf (seriously, why USPS insists on putting disrespectful, non-people-persons in people- person positions just escapes both business logic and plain, old common sense). I stated during my hiring process that my goal was to become a Window Clerk, as the customer service skills required align with my career path as an eventual real estate broker, with USPS being a stepping stone for me while I study. I was told that taking the position as a PSE was the precursor to that, granted I make it through the 90-day probation period. The way this was explained ultimately proved to be misleading, as I was under the impression I could relatively waltz through a transfer after a mere 3 months; the reality of the situation wasn't specified, which was either I wait and hope a Window Clerk spot opens up and that a supervisor offers it to me before someone
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