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Rural Carrier Associate at USPS
Rural Carrier Associate (RCA) (Volt alkalmazott) –  Pittsfield, MA2019, december 10.
I found contrary to what I believed the Post Office does not offer a stable career, opportunity, benefits, or even pays the wages promised. When you start as a rural carrier associate you are in a craft meaning non union non benefit if your lucky and its at a large office the post office will provided a vehicle otherwise its your car (very bad).

1.) the position will advertise 18.20 a hour but it wont state that you are given a route that route has approved hours lets 8; so when you work if you work 11-12 hours (which will happen frequently) you be paid for 8 hours meaning the true wage is going to 13-14 bucks an hour.

2.) the payroll is the worst I have seen, hours even days were omitted from my paycheck this is NOT isolated it is happening in Boston, New York and San Jose; management makes unfair rules and then can not comply with those rules and it is not just rural carriers either city carriers have this problem as well. The only time my paycheck even came close reconciling was the week after I resigned.

3.) Stability and Job security - there is none employees are terminated for leaving mail trucks running to warm up in the morning, for backing up to mailboxes, for going into driveways. Let say you have a route and slip a disk in your back and are laid up for 6 months that's fine but when you go back your route will been assigned to someone else and with it your income, yes they do this with people who are injured or disabled due to illness.

4.) opportunities - first year forget it you can not even apply; from what I hear a rural carrier associate has to
  több... work 5-6 years to be a rural carrier which then grants a mon-sat work week with no benefits; generally someone has to quit, retire or die for there to be an opening my rural carriers were younger than I was; even a supermarket should offer opportunities after 5 years.

To close if you are offered a job at the post office do the following; DO NOT resign your current job DO NOT give notice. The post office will schedule you for a shadow day do that ASAP and set up orientation 2 weeks later. On shadow day you will see what the work and the vehicles and equipment are like; watch how fast the carrier has to move believe me you WILL be expected to move like that BEFORE the end of your training - don't believe what the postmaster says because mine said "we don't expect miracles" and I listened... They wanted me to do 500 drops with packages in 5 hours on a route it takes 1 hour to drive straight out with nothing.
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I never felt inclusive with the regular employees vs the seasonal employees.
Casual Mail Handler (Volt alkalmazott) –  Fort Worth, TX2020, január 17.
I could not get a straight answer as to how to continue my employment with USPS. There was only 2 supervisors that I would consider worthy and mature enough to hold this position. I had one supervisor that yelled at the top of her lungs HEY all the time and often times right in my ear. Seasonal Employees were not allowed to sit down at all unless it was our lunch or break. One supervisor that I was old enough to be her mother acted as if she considered it a personal challenge to make my night miserable and to make me quit. But, through pure determination, I did not let her win. There was over 40 people that stated the same day as I did and I was told that only 8 of the group made it until 1-3-20 and I was one of them.
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Learning an Industry I have never done before.
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Mail is not handeled appropiatly, people were treated in a horrible non inclusive manner, supervisors need more training on how to treat employees to maintain and get the most of an employee, more appreciation and less arguing.
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Bad culture
Clerk (Volt alkalmazott) –  Midland, TX2020, január 17.
Management and Union simply do not work together and there is no incentive to do so. In fact there is incentive to work against progress. Management promotes the very worst employees.
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