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An enjoyable experience
Rural Route Carrier (Volt alkalmazott) –  Leesburg Fl2019, november 19.
A Typical work day begins at exactly 8:00am with initial assessment of mail to be delivered that day, and then sorting and "casing" the mail to be delivered on that route for that day. Once the mail has been sorted properly the parcels are then sorted and marked for delivery. This whole process usually takes anywhere from 2-3 hours. Once the sorting has been done, it is then loaded into the mail vehicle according to the route. It is then delivered to every address on your route, picking up outgoing mail along the way. All mail must be delivered, and you must be back at the Post Office no later than 5:30pm no matter the amount of mail there was to deliver. This was, in my opinion, the easiest part of the job.
I learned quickly how to be organized and efficient in order to be able to be out of the office on time. I also learned to be quick and efficient in the delivery of the mail in order to be back to the Office on time.
I got along well with management although at times it seemed that they were being a little unfair about returning on time, particularly around the holidays when mail volume is sometimes tripled. This was the hardest part of the job. The most enjoyable part was the actual delivering of the mail, and interacting with the customers.
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Great Job for young single adults
Rural Carrier Associate (Volt alkalmazott) –  Leesburg, FL2018, április 21.
RCA get no guarantee hours. ON call always. Takes 5 - 10 years to make regular. No benefits or paid time off or holiday pay. Work you like a slave. Extremely fast paced. Work weekends especially every sunday.
great for 18-25 yr old looking for a career.
Pro érvek
Kontra érvek
No hours, treat you like garbage, no benefits, no time off, on call only
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Munka és magánélet aránya
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Working with the United States Post Office was a job full of challenges. Great benefits and compensation was provided with good job security.
Rural Mail Carrier (Volt alkalmazott) –  Leesburg, FL2012, augusztus 29.
Every day required you to be prompt, highly organized, focused and required consistent high energy levels. The work load was heavy and demanded high quality customer service at all times.

Obtained a greater ability to communicate with people from all walks of life.

Managment consistently gave training to help all carriers to be more efficient and better able to cope with the heavy demands of the days duties. They were very professional in handling the employees and the public at large.

There was excellent team work in helping each other to get the job done before the close of he day.

Each day was a challenge because of the volume of work but regardless I enjoyed every moment of it.
Pro érvek
job security, excellent benefits and salary.
Kontra érvek
the challenge to function in adverse weather conditions.
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