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Worst job of my life

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2020, február 7.
I quit 3 jobs to work at the post office because my grandparents worked there and told me it’ll be a great job to retire from but things sure have changed. They are racist and will black mail you. It is poorly managed they hire mail carriers as managers with no previous management experience. I got fired because I wouldn’t sleep with the manager and as long as it’s before your 90 days there’s nothing the union can do about it . What a disgusting to place to work at it messed u my lively hood. I applied to get my unemployment it’s been over a month and they still have me as a active employee so i couldn’t get my unemployment and I have bills to pay. What a unprofessional business they need to be looked into immediately they say it’s ran I can see them going out of business and I see why they are I’m so much debt the quality of management is so horrendous I can’t believe my dream job was a dysfunctional one
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