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Working at USPS

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2020, február 21.
All jobs has it’s pros and cons. Love my job but dislike management. Pay is reasonable, higher than average without needing a degree but you have to deal with a lot of unnecessary things. Benefits are great. Overtime a plus. Paid holidays && vacation. You work 90% of the time( not for you if your aren’t dedicated or have a family to tend to). You only have a scheduled start time, schedule time to get off is TBD(daily). Place you could retire from if you have tuff skin. Can be a better job if they put better knowledgeable individuals in charge who know real work is and appreciate what you do. RAIN, SLEET, SNOW, TORNADOES, INJURED, SICK, DEATH IN FAMILY, EARTHQUAKES, BOMB THREATS, ROBBERIES etc. They don’t care about nothing but delivering mail. They could care less about you. Management tend to harass and pick on individuals who are doing their work efficiently. People in management are 90% idiots who doesn’t know anything about carrying mail neither the job they’re assigned to. extremely too much favoritism. When trying to expand your knowledge or move up within the company, management isn’t helpful(they prefer for you to slave your entire career there as city carriers).
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