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The Hardest it Gets

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2019, január 28.
when you think of the mail jobs you may think repetitive and long hours of hard work. Well yes it is consistent but this helped me for the temporary position I held during the Holiday season. The hours were the longest I have ever experienced 12 hours and I was lucky to get sleep. I'm single with no kids nor a car so my time was unique to say the least. the position was for a processing clerk ( so we sort) its very detail oriented. I would recommend this to someone career curious or looking to earn money fast for the season if you are willing to give up your holidays to do so. The pay rate was the most rewarding even after taxes taken out the gross was astonishing for 5 weeks I made the minimum amount to file as a student. There was an assessment and drug screening both were simple and free. I have an aunt in the business and so I understand her work-life like I never thought I would have; she's a pro and of course the permanent people picked are not expected to endure like the rest of us. I'am not even a money motivated person, But Try hard not to like it,you MIGHT.
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