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stressfull work environment

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2019, április 26.
working as as a mailprocessor is very stressfull specialy on 3rd shift because every piece of mail hs to be dispatched, there is alot of yelling, as a mail processor you are required to process 10,000 pieces of mail every hour, not allowed to leave the machine one has to be relived to go restroom, regular breaks, if one fails to meet the required quota we get writen up for not working fast enough there is always two supervisors watching you at all times, all and all a very stressfull place to work, and alot of senior employees that are no longer productive takjes advantage of the new employees, by letting them do 97% of the pysical work and alot of politics I would not mind working as a custodian they have the least stressfull job in the USPS.
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stressfull evironment, too much politics personell on drugs to deal with stress
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