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Say goodbye to your family and friends

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2015, augusztus 1.
They will make you work 7 days a week for months at a time. Everyday I come into work thinking I'm just going to get my route ready, deliver it and go home but really I come in get my route ready, deliver it, deliver half of someone else's route, and then go help someone else finish their route. A regular mail carrier will get to work their 8 hour shift 5 days a week but a CCA (which is the title they hire carriers at) will have to work extra to cover for the regulars. You will gain vacation hours but you'd be lucky if you could ever get a chance to use them. In order to take time off you have to ask exactly 10 days before the schedule comes out so you really can't plan things. Then even if they do decide to give you the day off, they'll most likely call you to see if you can come in "just for a few hours." Also there's really no such thing as calling out sick because they will guilt you into coming in no matter how terrible you feel and if you actually do skip a day they will threaten to fire you. I got written up for missing 3 days in 6 months and I think including the days I called out, I got an average of 1 day off every month. Oh and ladies, expect to get cat called and whistled at.
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