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Pay is not worth the long hours and days

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2018, január 27.
If you want any sort of life or time with your family this job is not for you. They tell you in the interview that you are guaranteed 2 hrs a day and should have no problem getting at least 40 this is extremely underplayed. As a PSE you will always work 6 days a week almost always working 10-12 hours. If you are not a regular then you will always be on a shift that starts at 4pm or after. Once you get to regular I’ve been told the days and hours aren’t as bad but there have been people here for 2 years that still aren’t regulars and the only benefit you get in the mean time is annual leave that they never encourage you to use. I’ve been told by several people that management is really big on looking for reasons to try and fire you and most of the employees only care about themselves and won’t hardly ever help you out. There is a high turn around rate and it’s no wonder why no one wants to stick around. This kind of job is only good for someone who is single, has no life, and is willing to work really hard and put up with a lot of stupid stuff.
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