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Pay is good

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2020, március 25.
The pay is good but as a CCA you get the majority of the work load and the benefits or not that great until you become a career employee. Don’t do this job as a single mother with no help with you kids because they don’t care! You don’t have a say so in the amount of work you get and sometimes they give you too much and expect you to finish at a certain time. It’s way more stressful then people think. I was an expecting mother and they still wanted me to carry a work load as if the didn’t care. In result my baby was born two months early. Now i did enjoy my time working there most of the times just don’t go think it’s going to be easy. If you don’t like to walk or be hot this isn’t the job for you and please my single moms/ dads if you don’t have help with your kids / some one to watch them or pick them up for school or daycare don’t sign up!
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Pay, being in your own space
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Dogs.being a CCA, Work load, working in the weather
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