United States Postal Service
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Not a good place to work. Too many ghetto workers.

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2019, május 12.
Management at USPS is very rude to their employees, Some of the workers are bullies and gossip a lot. It is like a High school. When my co worker first started working as a pse clerk a a few years ago when it was time for her to become a regular full time employee somehow her name was taken out of the computer for payroll and the roster. She only received 60 percent of her pay which included 2 money orders at $350 each. She was told by management that they could not put her name back in the system and that it was like she was working for free. This happened for about 4 months. It was so bad she called Congress in Washington and contacted and attorney. They made her take off work 3 different times. Two of those times were after she clocked in.
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Short breaks, Overworked, Cannot talk on work floor, hold lunches
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  1. Not a good place to work. Too many ghetto workers.