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MHA, alot of hours, and good people.

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2016, december 12.
Having worked in a Post Office. The MHA position is night and day. As a carrier assistant I was treated like dirt, laughed at, given no training ( academy said my OJI would teach me, nope) , cussed out within hours of starting my first shift, obvious bias. There's a reason why CCAs quit in droves. As a MHA it has been a pleasant surprise. My supervisors and co-worker are all FRIENDLY AND WILLING TO ANSWER QUESTIONS AND EXPLAIN THINGS. I was able to get up to speed very quickly and fall into place with the pace at which everyone was working. Pros. *Coworkers and immediate superior. *all the hours you can dream of. *Get moved around and learn new positions with in the factory. Variety! *no pitbulls Cons. *Getting used to standing on concrete for 12 hours is the hardest part. A couple weeks in and my feet and calves are still screaming. *8 hour shifts feel like a vacation. * language barrier. Hard to understand alot of folk.
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Great hours, everyone is friendly
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12 hours of standing on concrete, my dogs are barking at the 8 hour mark
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