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Literally a nightmare. Please read!

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2019, augusztus 15.
I've worked at about 10 different USPS stations/locations between NY and FL and they were ALL the same. Horrible, corrupt and selfish management. The workload is ridiculous for the amount of time they want you to complete it. Co-workers are your only friends there, and that's IF theyre friendly depending on where you're stationed. If a station manager or supervisor really doesnt like you, they will work magic and spontaneously tell you to start reporting to a different location. They do not care at all how far or inconvenient the location is for you. You: "How long am I going to be at this location?" Supervisor: "I don't know". Working through natural disasters is normal and you are expected to still finish your workload in the RIDICULOUS amount of time they give you in horrible weather conditions. The only good thing about working for USPS is they pay and the benefits to some extent. With your 2-year probationary period you are constantly reminded of how worthless you are and how easy you are to let go as an employee. I've been verbally abused by management multiple times with no type of disciplinary action taken against any member of management. They are untouchable. Routes are long, mail is heavy, most delivery vehicles have NO air conditioning(just a small fan that blows hot air), and the union that is supposed to represent you and defend your job are more on management's side. You ask for help from the UNION PRESIDENT, and you shall receive nothing. My mental health has gone at an all-time low thanks to USPS. I would never recommend anyone to work here.
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