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Inefficient work model

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2020, június 25.
As a CCA you will work 60 hours a week. You are not given a choice as to whether you would like overtime. Overtime is a part of the job. You can work out of any station in Evansville and end your day carrying someone else’s route after completing your own. Regular carriers are free to leave after 8 hours but you are not. You will work Amazon Sunday- every Sunday. You will only get 1 day off per week. In busy times they will call you in to work on your day off. It’s exhausting and you will have no other life. I was told I was doing an excellent job. But that has no affect on how you are treated. We enjoyed delivering mail. I did not enjoy the hours and the constant change of locations. When you change locations you will be working with those station managers who really could care less about you. They will give you the longest route with the most mail and give you more if you finish.
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