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If you work there, you're going to live there - it's terrible.

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2020, április 21.
It's like going back in time: No concerns for safety. No breaks - these insane people expect you to work 10 to 12 hours straight through and THEN take your breaks at the very end!!!! I've never heard of anything so asinine in my entire life. People do this every day -- they will clock out to take their lunch and then clock back in to take their two 15-minute breaks... yeah, I want to work 11 or 12 hours and then just sit there for an hour doing absolutely nothing before going home. rush, rush, rush... move the same stuff five or six times instead of slowing down just a little bit and only handling packages once. All of the extra work does absolutely nothing but waste time & energy; it does NOTHING to change the time it takes to complete the overall process. They have the dumbest process that I have ever seen anywhere.
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  1. If you work there, you're going to live there - it's terrible.