United States Postal Service
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Great pay and benefits, Job Security, Opportunity for advancement, but Horrible Management & ZERO work/life balance.

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2020, augusztus 4.
Great pay and benefits, tons of opportunity for advancement, but horrible management & ZERO work/life balance. Great job for someone who doesn’t mind living at work, doesn’t have children, or much of a life outside of work. Definitely not an easy job. Postal workers work their tails off. I like my job itself but other factors make it miserable. Even though I get paid time off and medical insurance as part of my benefits, it’s impossible to get approved leave or time off to even go to the doctor because the Post Office is chronically understaffed and short handed which is not something that’s going to change. That’s just the post office for you. They are cheap and try to cut corners as much as possible. The hiring and training process was incredibly long.. took 3-4 months from applying to my first day of work. I got very little hours to begin with, now I have too many. Your satisfaction with this job depends largely on where you work and who your Postmaster is. A smaller office with a great Postmaster is wonderful. Larger offices with horrible management are absolutely miserable. Pay is good but still barely worth it because one person is expected to handle the workload of 3. I was hired on as a career employee (part time with benefits which is almost unheard of) and advanced to Full Time before I was employeed a year (definitely unheard of) but I know others who waited over 20 years to become full time. Most part time workers will still work full time hours and tons of overtime, especially around the holidays. I work hard and I absolutely LOVE most of my customers but overall - több...
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Great Pay & Benefits for career employees, Ample opportunity or advancement for those who desire it. Excellent job security.
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Horrible work/life balance, Mostly bad management, Workload overbearing a large portion of the time, Extremely strenuous work and awful for aggravating injuries or back issues, most co-workers have horrible attitudes because they all hate their jobs, Co-workers call out of work a lot leaving you to do your already heavy workload and theirs too.
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  1. Great pay and benefits, Job Security, Opportunity for advancement, but Horrible Management & ZERO work/life balance.