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Good Pay but no Work/Life Balance

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2017, május 21.
Being a PSE is a very physical job. Lots of lifting and moving of heavy objects. Most of the time there are plenty of hours in a plant facility and you are likely to come close to or exceed 40 hours a week. However, the effort put into keeping your job there will leave little time for anything but work or sleep. In a plant facility you will likely work swing or graveyard shifts. Your start time should hopefully stay consistent but you can work anywhere from 2-12 hours in a day and you won't know how long you will be there until a supervisor shows up and either tells you to go home at or before 8 hours or tells you it will be 10-12. Some management had a decent head on their shoulders while others seemed to struggled to understand basic concepts, like how the machines functioned. If you don't put your foot down about how to be treated though management will abuse your flexibility and grind you into dust and make the place feel like an awful to be. Overall, the job itself is pretty easy and you can listen to music, podcasts, or books through headphones while you work. If you have young children at home I do not recommend this position.
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While a PSE there is not much time for anything but work and sleep
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