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Good for single people

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2020, február 1.
This job is great if you have no life or family. They don't tell you how long your day will be so you could be there for 12 hours. Swing is especially bad. There's a lot of family here, as in your shift manager will have his wife, mother in law, brother and cousins working there on his shift. And they leave while you stay for the mandatory over time. Good money, poor management, very few people who will help you learn your duties. Literally no help. Wanna have your lunch in 5 hours of being there (which is California state law)? Nope. Federal institutions trump state law. There's good people here but their the minority. Really wanted to love working here, but aside from the mismanagement and disorganization, greed, and general stupidity, my last straw was when they changed my shift without notifying me ahead of time (a day before my break of service was done) and didn't care that the change was a hardship for me.
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