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Be prepared to work very hard

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2019, április 19.
You’ll end up doing something more than just sorting and scanning mail in a processor machine. Lets just say I had a swing shift meaning afternoon shift. Don't ever say anytime when it comes to mail processing and mail handling for this interview you’ll regret it by the time they assign you to work a shift. They run 24/7 in 3 shifts. Night Shift is the worst and Swing Shift is the 2nd worse hopefully you're lucky for a Tour 2 morning shift you'll get a good overtime.Be prepared to work lots of overtime don't know why they do that to you is not for everyone. If you live alone, single and have nothing to look forward with your life with everything especially not living with parents or kids this is a job for you. I regret applying for this position but I give it a try I couldn't do it I have a reasonable life to live for. You’ll lose a lot of energy If you tough and you do live in the SF area plan ahead for transportation or driving. If you live further from the East Bay like me don't not work in SF, it'll be impossible for you to go home and sleep. You won’t have time to do much cause the next couple hours after you wake up you go straight to work. Be strong with lifting things especially mail bins. I left (resign<——remember this word in case you need to do a form) because is a hard job and commute sucks. Just be PSE SSDA don't ask why you'll regret if you apply for mail processing clerk position and good luck on getting through 90 day probation I only last 8 days.
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good breaks, vending machines, guaranteed benefits
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few supervisors with a tough accent, loud environment, clock in Striction, Physical Labor, Safety
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