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As a carrier in postal service we should to be ready to work 7 days a week more than 10 hours a day, some week we do not have a day off, some week we receive a phone call in our day off to go to work. Postal service is the most stress full place. The job is mostly psychical job. It's hard but at the same time is fun too. Few hours we are working in the office and few hours we are in street.
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Not a bad place to work if you enjoy east money. Just exhausting. New hires make incredible money but you are forced to work incredible hours. Just take your time and don’t exhaust yourself.
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6 days a week and on sundays you are by yourself because the regulars are off so everything is on you. an hour break no family life 5am-7pm or until the job is done
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This work place is it a good spot to work at

My managers don’t care about anyone other than themselves, they make us leave at 6 hours so we can’t even get our full hours, and they push us harder than we can work just so they can get a raise for it, I highly do not recommended this job, and I suggest something gets done about what they do and how they treat people

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Unreal expectations

It isn’t a horrible job but management needs to be taught how to treat people like humans and not machines. Once you become more efficient you just get awarded with more work.
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Long days

Pay is okay, but you will work very long days to get it.The work environment is great depending on where you are stationed. At my particular station, it is very well organized.
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No work life balance

No work life balance at all and not enough pay being the face of the post office you’d think we would make more then the ones at the warehouse. That’s all
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fun place

amazing work place wish i could go back great pay easy work alone time stressful during peak season stay hydrated during the summer you will blister up
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Excellent place to work

I love love love it here! I can not stress enough how awesome this place is. I highly recommend awesome benefits too! I think it’s a great place to exceed. I’m so glad I work here.
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Productive, demanding place to be!

Overall a typical day would be sometimes busy. Everyone had a role and duty to fulfill. I like the job because they would give everyone a chance. Great place...

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Weekly pay

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Productive and good place to work

Most of the workers are very nice, but that is like the general population. All of the workers were helpful and courteous. I made some lasting friendships at the Post Office.
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It was demanding b=ut rewarding

The job was pretty high pace but very rewarding. I would recommend for someone who wants a career in something physical and wants to stay around for a while.
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Great job for people that know how to work safely & hard & responsibly of mail 💯✅

What is the best part of working at the company?See all mail from around world What is the most stressful part about working at the company?The Super sorry managers & HR personnel 💯👎✅What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Super bad management & HR should never 👎 be working at USPS DAM SHAME TO USA PEOPLE 💯✅What is a typical day like for you at the company?Mailhander my job duty’s is very physical & time fast process
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Good environment

Laid back but a lot of detail in the work. Can be very slow at times and it is very different from the retail window. You could see three customers throughout the whole day. I can’t complain I’m not a fan of people anyway
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It's severely unorganized & the people are lazy, but they pay better than most jobs in this industry. If you need it, it's a decent lil job man fr dawg
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The work is not hard but dealing with mid level management can be challenging at times. There’s a union but just come in and do your job and nobody bothers you for the most part
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Good pay, steady work, job security

It is a good place to work, but if you are lazy, or are not dedicated to the job, you will not make it. It requires dedication, and the work schedule is not ideal for most people. You will not have weekends off, and are expected to be flexible.
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Not a productive or fun place, but the pay mitigates some of the misery

What is the best part of working at the company?Pay check every 2 weeksTspPension What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Uninspired, union protected lazy workersWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?The environment is fully toxic. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Uncertainty. You rarely have enough employees on a given day
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Great benefits

Challenging place to work. Work is not easy or for everyone. Working outside in the elements can be tough. Getting to know your customers is a great feeling.

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Working in the elements
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Excessive hours and no benefits

60-90hr work weeks 7 days a week. Weekends and holidays no days off. No Benefits. required to perform duties outside of job description. constant payroll issues. high overhead costs I.E. vehicle maintenance fuel and insurance costs can exceed 50% of overall pay. (vehicle allowance does not cover costs).

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Start off as a temp

Biggest issue is management, and what qualifies for their bonus. Other big issues no work/home balance, the better you preform is a punishment(you get more work than others), don’t get wardrobe alliance right away(bad weather shoes, customers think you are stealing so threats of violence are almost guaranteed), vehicles are too old, no guaranteed days off. Positives are great ot pay structure, once you become employee great benefits, military time transfer, get a raise at-least once a year, on-site union rep, and you mainly work alone
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