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Management is your typical twenty-something millennials, very unorganized, arrogant bunch. The workload is very often a ridiculous amount, you are not only expected to receive calls as they promised during the interview (maximum 15 a day they said), but handle other requests and incidents from user coming in the form of emails, chat interactions, different queues. If the call volume is low, they will make sure to keep you very busy working on any of the offline tasks. Preliminary training has little to do with the actual client specific tasks. Client specific training is substantial but short and if you are not IT minded it will be of very little use. They like to put people on different accounts which is a mess. Payment for people who speak English + another support language is quite low. The internal systems agents are supposed to use freeze up often, but you are still expected to receive calls. In many instances you are supposed to work with a useless collection of help material, the different support groups you have to assign tickets to send tickets back to you with ridiculous reasons, so you often end up having to receive calls with irritated users, update your tickets, try to fight with the dumbbass support groups, work on incoming emails, request queue, interaction queue and chat. The incentive program is laughable, the company has such service level agreements that can only be reached if you break your back day in day out. I never before seen a place where people randomly start crying or snap and go home from work. In the Budapest office fluctuation is massive, the other - több...
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It is okay for a fresh graduate to have a reality check.
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Inadequat management, low salary for people with 2 support languages.
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