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Pretty great to start your career

I started working here with only finishing High School. Salary is great, although it seems impossible to step forward. Raise is something that you should absolutely forget and also seems like understaffing is a constant problem. I have to say, the HR is doing an incredible job, my colleagues are great and I like to go to work because of them. Management doesn't really listen to yor opinions.

Pro érvek

Free coffee, Xbox, Massage Chair, Decent salary, Great co-workers and office

Kontra érvek

Management not interested in your opinion, Hard to advance

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Munka/magánélet egyensúlya: 4,0/5 csillag
Bérezés/juttatások: 4,0/5 csillag
Munkahelyi biztonság/Előrelépés: 3,0/5 csillag
Vezetőség: 3,0/5 csillag
Céges kultúra: 4,0/5 csillag
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i took them forever to give me my training, kept going to work and spent the day doing mostly nothing, thus continued to 3 months. at least I got paid .
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productive and secure workplace

Good place to work, excellent salary, kind trainers, a lot to learn about new information technology programs, good training and developing opportunities
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low salary

I think the management should change a lot to 'secure our tomorrow' at Unisys. There is a quite high fluctation within the company. They should understand that the demand for Dutch and German speaking agents is higher then ever, so their slalaries should be updated and more competitive as soon as possible, or Unisys can pay very huge penalty fees and lose clients. This associates are the most overloaded. The so called insentive program in this form is not fair and motivating at all with its nonsense targets. Instead of this, more agent-friendly solution should be created to be the real 'happy workplace', as they call themselves in promotions.

Pro érvek

fruit day.

Kontra érvek

elevators don't work usually but you should keep your 10 minutes breaks...
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Munka/magánélet egyensúlya: 3,6/5 csillag
Bérezés/juttatások: 3,4/5 csillag
Munkahelyi biztonság/Előrelépés: 3,1/5 csillag
Vezetőség: 3,2/5 csillag
Céges kultúra: 3,4/5 csillag
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