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Great experience

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If you stick with it and move around the company it’s a great place to gain experience into many avenues in the company. There are a lot of options for job careers to explore. Driving, HR, warehouse management (Full-time/Part-time/ and Flex), IT, etc…
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Working Within a Cult

The culture at UPS is toxic. The work environment is built on fear and control. To get a promotion you must be part of the cult. Full time supervisors are under the age of 30, where the average promotion age is between 19 and 23 years old. The company can not retain employees because of the toxic culture. Upper management treat employees as peasants. The most important concern of upper management is to control budget so that they get good bonuses.

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Easy to get a job.

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It like working on a plantation.
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Part Time Supervisor

The work can be hard, but that’s only when others don’t show up for work, and that’s 80% of the time. Because of that, as a Part Time Sup, you have to pick up that position. You’ll manage anywhere from 5-25+ employees. Do me a favor if you work this job. Treat your people as people. Get to know them, care about their lives, be the leader ups wants you to be, not how it actually can be.
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It's what YOU make of it

Make sure you go into the job wanting to be a team player. If You just think about yourself and your work, like many in the company do, in the end it will be harder for you. If you don't have thick skin, sticking around at this job will give it to you. A lot of the people in management just look at their jobs as a job not a career. Most hubs that I have worked in are very unorganized. This makes the job tougher.

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Great teamwork

Great environment to work in and great co workers that have your back. This job is a great step to build your resume and have a foot in the door for management and general operations.
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Ridiculous place to work

A good ol’ boy culture with ALOT of cliques with discrimination being worse than anywhere I’ve ever worked. Very unorganized & unprofessional place to work…management plays favorites & picks & chooses who gets disciplined…hours are terrible & the pay is worse…with the lack of leadership & disorganization it’s very surprising this company still exists..I wouldn’t recommend this job to anyone anywhere
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Unprofessional and Poor Management

I enrolled as a supervisor at UPS and as a supervisor I am disappointed with the lack of professionalism that the company as a whole adheres to. I am encouraged to work people to their limits, while mismanagement of my application for tuition enrolment on behalf of staff resulted in no tuition reimbursement which was the main reason I decided to work there. Besides excellent people working there to associate with the whole experience at UPS was demoralizing, unprofessional, and awful.

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Lack of professionalism, Inability to change things for the better despite being encouraged to, Contradictions in policy and employment of processes and standards of work in settings.
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Management is poor

The upper management that is Full-Time is never on your side and you will never smile at work. As a part-time supervisor, you basically have no say or pull to do anything in the work environment and there are favorites.

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No Lunch, Miserable
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Don't work here

If working in operations expect your entire career to be looking for another job. Except you don't have any time to look for another job, because you spend all your time trying to earn just a little bit more so you can make rent.
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Always Busy

Good be a better place if they didn't micromanage the numbers like they do. Also conference calls are the worse. They don't know how to talk to people.
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Great workplace for students and benefits

They pay for tuition.Work isn’t the hardest.Management is relaxed.Under union.Great benefits.Opportunity for promotion.They have a tight knit workforce that will celebrate you and bring you food.

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Long breaks. Good pay.

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Work can be continuous during peak.
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The lonestar hub is beyond pathetic. Management, especially on night sort, is full of nothing but incompetent, soulless individuals who literally run the hub into the ground
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Great Management, High pace environment, Good pay and excellent benefits.

The work as a UPS supervisor is pretty easy and remains essentially the same day to day. Upper management is laidback and won’t give you any hassle, as long as you do your job. Basic responsibilities include ~10 minutes of paperwork a day, getting to know employees, updating the status of your work area and communicating with your immediate supervisor and nearby coworkers regarding the state of your work area. Occasionally an area in the building will get heavy. If it’s your area, help out where you can and push through it. This job is not difficult. If you have common sense and a modicum of work ethic. You will do great.
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Management is a good way to make some extra money but once your no longer union if upper management doesn’t like you… you can count on harassment daily. I was told to write myself up because someone pushed a cart of package into my area even though they made it to the appropriate destination. After that one incident, write ups came so frequent I made a template. Pt supervisors are not treated fairly and make so many sacrifices it’s just insane.

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Decent hourly

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Non union employees get the shortest end of the stick
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Fast-paced, sweaty, tough work.

UPS is not a job for everyone, for almost every position. I was a part time Supervisor and it still took a lot out of me. Management also likes to go behind each other's backs, talk a lot behind other supervisor's backs, etc. to get ahead.

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Benefits, Pay, Paid Workout

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Bad Management, Fast Paced
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labor intensive

unlimited overtime but hard work all the time. Great benefits even at the entry level. Yearly pay increases and quarterly performance bonuses but not a lot of opportunities to reach higher positions
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Productive, but can be challenging.

Decent place to work and establish experience managing and supervising staff to accomplish the work at hand. Each day seems to be different and management can be supportive in your efforts. It's a good idea to be self motivated and a self starter, though... People are not there to hold your hand, but convey what is expected and if there are questions, please do communicate. Good luck!
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5 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?The support of my teams.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Hitting the metrics.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?That is an essay.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Early starts. There is always something to do!
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Long hours

Lots of long hours, but pay is nice. If you come to work and do your job then the supervisors will leave you alone. If you are looking for an easy job, UPS is not the place.
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Stressful but good hours and pay

I work as a part time operations supervisor, we’re always guaranteed 27.5 hours even if we work 20. Worked there for 4 years& get 3 weeks vacay. I make around 22/hour.
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Benifits over pay

The pay is not great, but the benefits are where it is at. Worked my way up from an hourly to a sup. Everyone is here for the benifits. The work is extremely hard and strenuous on the body, so I recommend that you always stretch and get as much rest as possible. The main benifits is use is the discount section: car insurance, car rental, hotel, etc. I get a discount on my car insurance and it helps a lot with me going to school.Another main benifit I use is the tuition reimbursement. UPS gives me the majority of the money back I spend on school (5,250/year 25,000/lifetime). This option is available to not just supervisors anymore, it's open for hourly too.At the end of the day it is what you make of it and the supervisors I'm your area can make your day better or worse (depends on how much they car about you and the job).
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