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Help me mostly to have better driving experience

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It good start job for anyone to staotrt you will start alot.The bulk of my experience working for U-Haul was positive.easy to help customers get what they need, and makes you feel good to do so. work is consistent and fun. once you get the hang of it, helping customers.
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It was great working with Uhaul

Uhaul is a reputed moving and storage company with competitive rates. They also give incentives for getting more customers and hours are also flexible if you are doing a part time job. It is not an easy job, you have to be continuously be on the phone for hours. But if you are a person who likes interaction, it’s the job for you
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Disorganized, Hypocritical Management, Poor Compensation and Training

This company does not provide anywhere near adequate compensation for the demands it levels on its staff, especially management staff.Work-life balance is non-existent as a manager, as you are expected to dedicate every waking moment, whether on-site or off-site, to your store and are treated with disdain for trivial things like going to the hospital with an injury or illness, suicidal depression, family crises or any of the other little things that really shouldn't be impeding your work. Also, never expect a moment's peace as your phone will be ringing non-stop, as your personal contact information will be freely given to anyone who asks for it.While there are some rewarding aspects, such as when you help someone in a difficult situation make the move they need, they fall far-short of the extreme levels of stress the job provides. Budgeting for personnel (the single-most important element of the job, especially in busy centres) can generously be described as shoe-string and you are expected to typically operate with less than half the staff actually required to perform the job.Training is spotty and limited, primarily relegated to online training courses that are rarely adhered to in reality due to the severe short-staffing.Upper management is inclined to offer platitudes for workplace issues and try to sweep problems under the rug rather than deal with them. Expect any support you ask for to come in the form of "here's some courses to look at," "the budget is bad for everyone and I have no control over it" and "let's just be about it." Expectations are based on the - 
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Support is great from the top to the bottom!

I started off rocky. I had computer issues and then internet issues. I had to start education twice. I finally got my tech issues handled then had a personal emergency that put me on leave shortly after hire. My team pulled me right back in on my first day back and huddled around me to get me where I need to be! Uhaul definitely prefers to promote from within and there are so many resources available for you at all times. I really love my job and that says a lot from me!
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Can be overly demanding and toxic workplace

In the time i have spent with this company i have gained a respect or the owner. He has backed his workers to a degree that has impressed me. He also gave financial support to his team during the covid crisis which he didn't have to do. The work environment on the other hand is highly stressful and at times rather toxic. Customer service has become a challenging field of work since the pandemic and here the anger and emotions of the customer come to a head. You nave to have a great deal of grit to handle this job. No for the light hearted. The staff you work with for the most part are good people. Great spirit of team work and great support staff. I personally would not recommend this job to anyone who wasn't looking to move up fast to the higher paying positions even then it is a high stress job.
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Good place

Loved the environment but to little pay for to much work and only one holiday off Christmas. And managements awful hire or pay more. Can't pay minimum and expect the little bit of workers you have to do it all.
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Decent place

Good job for multitasking driven individuals. Not a lot of spots for advancement. Comfortable place to work no heavy lifting friendly staff fairly easy job.

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Good work pace
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I will never recommend UHaul

Uhaul treats their employees horribly. The job is completely unsafe and if you get hurt they don't do much to help you at all. There is no good about this company.
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Fun workplace but pay was lacking

The culture is great however management can be penny pinchers. The customers also range from some of the nicest people to some of the most inconsiderate.
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No work/life balance

Not a great place to work. No support from managers. No work/life balance. (must work 6 days/week). Few chances for advancement without relocation.

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6 day work week
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Terrible company to work for

UHAUL doesn’t care about their employees. Making promises only to not follow through. Poor training. Bosses are hardly around to see the insane workload from day to day. People get promoted that don’t deserve it because they are friends with the big bosses.

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Everything else
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Excellent place to work

I loved working for U-Haul. They take care of their employees and they go above and beyond to help each employee. The manager's are awesome and the training is great as well.
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Bad place

You would think they take care of their works the amount of customers we take care of in a day. We’re always understaffed, call center over books us with reservations, customers treat you like trash, NO PAID HOLIDAYS even though we don’t close on those days, can’t reach more than 40 hrs a week., no sick days… can barely get a day requested off.
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god coworkers bad customers

The crew I worked with was enjoyable. Everyone really got along with each other. sure there were some minor dustups but who doesn't have those. Really its the customers yelling at you when they don't have a reservation and they come in last minute demanding a truck and getting upset when we can't get them something.
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Dull and frustrating place to work at with no growth opportunity

The culture and environment aren't too great with no opportunities to grow. Management would rather you be complacent and quiet and just follow orders.A high turn around with employees sometimes lasting a few months or a year. Wage increase is "talked" about but never anything management wants to commit to and when asked it'll feel like pulling a tooth out.If there's issues like harassment and/or bullying management barely does anything and encourages employees to just stick it out.Wouldn't really say there's much place for advancement.
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Productive, drama

Uhaul is a very easy place to work at and honestly not bad. The manager at the time was way to pushy and would blame problems that happened on me so the customers would not get mad at her. I did hear the new manager was amazing!

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Fast growing opportunities great benefits

You can grow pretty quickly and the training courses (which is mostly self training with courses) is accessible. Upper management is hit or miss unfortunately you can have a superior who cares about the company or the money… other than that benefits are great & pay is okay for someone who is learning.
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Great if low pay isn't an issue

When Publix has a starting pay is 13 an hour, and they only offer $10 an hour starting out. Where do you think people are going to go? Honestly I enjoyed my job and love my co-workers and manager. But the pay just wasn't worth it. If they upped it to $15 to $18 an hour people would be lining up for work there.
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Great people

Great people, met some of my best friends there, very family oriented, and team oriented. Manager is fabulous. Can’t say enough good about her. Customers can be rude but for the most part it’s relaxed but month ends are crazy busy.
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Got to meet new and exciting people

Management sucks no communicationNever knew when I had to work no daily schedule Friendly customers was the biggest impact I had Love working for UHaul if the situation with management was different
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Overworked and underpaid

I was overworked and underpaid. Worked over 40 hours a week and was called in constantly, the two managers I worked under always left early and didn't answer their phone so I would often give an upset customer whatever they wanted or a massive discount. Constant lying from customers about their vehicles regarding towing a trailer, severely understaffed and customers would often get angry at the workers. I was screamed at multiple times when I was forced to work alone on the busiest days, when the line would be out the door. You have "one" job but really you have to manage the service desk,go outside to clean trucks and check them in and park them, go outside to hookup trailers and fill multiple propane tanks, all by protocol. Alone. Work somewhere else or DEMAND better by the district manager. This was my experience working in one of the grand rapids, MI locations.

Pro érvek

District manager gave me a "bonus" so I could get a car because he wanted me to be a general manager

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See my review. There's more cons as well, but you get the jist.
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