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Number of hours not guaranteed in rural setting

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I felt the hourly pay was competitive for my area, however not living near a major city there weren't always enough cases for me to work a full shift and therefore my paychecks weren't stable.
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they made sure we always had the tools, and safety supplies needed to perform our duties

was a great company to work for, although we did merge into other companies about 3 times over the 5 year period i was employed there. i would have stayed with the company, but unfortunely when i moved back to my home town there were no offices, otherwise i would still be working for the company...
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Competitive Salary!

Fast paced environment. Never a dull moment. Co-workers are highly helpful and cooperative! Great benefits . Lab is equipped with modern equipment and updated analyzers!
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Work environment

Hefty work load sometimes , not bad . Mam garment is Willing to help always ; follow rules and do what’s needs and you’ll be fine . Not a hard job always
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The management was horrible there was no organization you are working all times of the night mangers didn’t care they had other people that had just started the company making more then what some people that has been there for along time
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Easy to get hired, laid back as long as you follow the rules, they will work with you for work/life balance. Opportunity for advancement. Inclusive culture.
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Enjoying the outdoors

I enjoy working here. I like being outside and in and out facilities or homes. It’s always something new here. It can be challenging coming up with new ways to do X-rays on difficult patients in difficult environments. That keeps it interesting. They let you use vacation days even though we are short staffed. You should ask 2 weeks in advance. That’s the policy also if someone working the same area as you already asked off then we can’t all take the same days off of course. Management is improving. They leave you alone as long as you are doing what you are supposed to be doing for the most part. The area manager always answers his phone if you can’t get ahold of your lead and something comes up where you really need help. The worst part of the job is when something goes wrong with your equipment but that seems to happen a lot less now that we have some newer equipment. Also taking call can be rough especially now that we are so short staffed. All and all I enjoy the environment and the work.
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Horrible company to work for

They had us covid testers work 12-16 hours a day testing over 400 children per day. The pay was okay, the leads and managers just sat in the trailer all day. Never checked on any of their employees who were in tents that were over 100 degrees. They only have 30 minute lunches and if intake came in you didn’t eat at all. Ended up loosing my job because thisCompany only cares about the money lining their pockets. They promised us jobs up to 3 years and we were only there 3 months. Not a place orCompany you want to be with
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They need to step it up!

While I love working from home, I wish management would focus HEAVILY on hiring more people instead of having people quit and just transferring the work load. The pay is ABYSMAL, and many customers are quite p*ssed off with constant delays in service. There's also a terrible lack of communication in general as well as a laissez-faire attitude towards employees who screw up on the regular. If you're good, you'll get more work at the same pay.
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None productive, None fun environment

Stressful environment to work, extremely bad payment rate. Not considering at all the workers and the payment has no relation with the amount of work and the hours driving.

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No breaks, extremely hard to get vacations
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Great working environment and developmental training!

Great management in Texas. This company offers competitive pay, great benefits, and sign-on bonus. As a mobile company, we are required to travel through out our region, which I personally enjoy. There are multiple opportunities to hone your current skills and a training structure in place to develop additional skills and abilities.

Pro érvek

Flexible hours, awesome benefits, great management, great training

Kontra érvek

none for me
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Hivatalos válasz innen: TridentCare

2022, augusztus 15.
Yee Haw!! It is awesome to see you thriving and enjoying all the great perks of position. We appreciate you.

Cheap company, rude management, poor benefits, low compensation.

Benefits and compensation is so low that company unable to hire normal employees. Everyone constantly is looking for a new job and planning run away from Trident.
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Only thing is the money

Recruiters are rude and helpless once your contract is over they terminated instead of placing you in another place and they don’t give you a noticed of when is your last day they just fire you.
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Work environment is easy. I learned to process tubes as they come in, quality control, and learned about different type of tubes. Management was understanding. Hardest part of the job not having enough employees.
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Poor Management

The best part of job is the flexibility and independence. Company car and gas card a big perk. Love the job itself. Upper management is atrocious from Area Manager, Regional Manager, Head of HR, etc. They are all a big click and do not care about those out in the field making the money. They discourage growth unless you are in their click. I would not advise anyone with drive and ambition to work here. You will be very disappointed.
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Too much work and not enough pay

The amount of work that you are expected to do is unrealistic. Customer service is graded by how many calls are taken in a week, so there is a rush to get calls handled without focusing enough time on each call. Understaffed and super busy. Too much work and not enough pay.
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Room for Improvement

I like working alone and not being stuck in a building so it’s nice being able to travel to different facilities. Having CR equipment is really hard to use mobile so that sucks. All of the equipment was old and worn out. Makes the job a lot harder. Nice being able to keep van and equipment at home though. Decent job, barely get raises. Never got one while I was there and I’m good at what I do and never called out out or had disciplinary consequences. They just always had budget excuses.

Pro érvek

Having a company vehicle

Kontra érvek

No raises
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All in all a decent place to work, but we have become

a decent place to work, but we have become understaffed lately. Bosses are reasonable with their expectations. The pay is fair, but it's a busy work day they are very tired at the end
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4 stars

What is the best part of working at TridentCare?Hours and availability of over-timeWhat is the most stressful part about working at TridentCare?Hard sticks!
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Love MY Job

The mobile field is not for everybody, it is for me. I have been in this field for 15+ years and love it. If you enjoy working independently and are self motivated, give it a try!
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Straight forward and relatively easy.

This position is fairly simple to catch onto after a couple weeks. One of the more difficult parts of the job is the volume of work that can arrive at once, or consistent volume arriving throughout the shift. The job can also get very tedious and monotonous at times. Management for the Specimen Processing department is very transparent and helpful, however I cannot vouch for the other management as they tend to stick to their respective departments.
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