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This was a good location to work in until the office merged with another larger office. Once that occurred changes were made and work/life balance became non-existent.
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Best carrier to work for

Having worked for this insurance company and another, i can say this company really cares for you. Great benefits, plenty of Paid time off and parental leave. Great environment to work in.
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Flexible work hours

Flexibility to allow for real life outside of work - as long as I get my work done, it doesn’t matter when exactly I do it. Supportive environment with curiosity at the core.
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Helps gets cars fixed and claims settled

I wish I had known what I was getting myself intoWhat is the best part of working at the company?They have a very good benefits packageWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?My CoWorkers with throw you under the buss for a simple mistake But middle and upper management have no understanding of what we doWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?A typical day is drought with anxiety to respond to all the emails while to get as much done in 8 hrs as possible. It’s a constant game of catch upOverworked and UnderstaffedThere were not enough employees for the amount of claims that were being handled. Managers had unrealistic expectations and were not understanding. the goal posts moved as soon as you got close The pay was amazing, but the stress was not worth it.If you work there I promise you will not be happy and honestly the stress is not worth it. You are not valued at allWhat is the best part of working at the company?Not much , extremely toxic work environment there is absolute bias in this companyToxic unstable mean spirited cut throat no care for your home life or family constant toxicity

Pro érvek

Free lunch

Kontra érvek

just about everything at this place, bad managers, unrealistic goals
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Excellent Training

The training was exceptional and prepared me for future roles within the same field. It was top notch. Hardest part of the job was the huge territory I was expected to cover.
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Decent internship

Good Internship opportunity rom day one, Travelers Insurance demonstrated a commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment. The onboarding process was seamless, and I quickly found myself immersed in a dynamic and collaborative team. The company's emphasis on professional development was evident through various training sessions, mentorship programs, and networking events, all of which significantly contributed to my personal and career growth.
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Work can be challenging because we have to make business decisions everyday. Fortunately we are supported in this process.

The commute in can be challenging, but the teams I work with are engaged and enthusiastic. Being around co-workers can be energizing and promotes spontaneous learning. Doesn't mean we don't get tired or frustrated. It is work, and we get paid well in our industry and are recognized for the work we do. People are supportive and eager to help one another. We learn something everyday! We have fantastic benefits with pensions, profit sharing and even a program to help pay off student loans. After the pandemic, our expectations for flexibility have become a little skewed. I have worked for other companies and have never had the flexibility I enjoy today.

Pro érvek

Lots! Free lunches. Hybrid work environment. Sense of team and comaraderie.

Kontra érvek

Work volumes fluctuate and can be difficult to anticipate.
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Travelers is a great place to work at. The benefits are from day one which is awesome. Some days are busier than other but it makes the day go fast. There can be rude customers but more good than bad.
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Good workplace

Good place to work. Left because I needed to advance my career and there was not much advancement in the position that I had. My coworkers were very nice.
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Solid company, good place to work

Very supportive and collaborative environment, great benefits and resources available to employees.It’s a big company with many overlapping roles, lack of strong leadership leads to gaps between strategy and execution. Also laser focus on the bottom line.
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Changed but not for the good

Culture has changed in my tenure. This was a diverse, thriving environment with opportunities. Now, it’s stagnant with little promotional opportunity and no support.
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No work-life balance with unrealistic expectations. Company was always moving the end goal. You are required to complete an unattainable number of audits in order to meet expectations in your evaluation. When you meet that requirement, QC comes through and penalizes you.
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Good company, good benefits, numbers driven

Good company, good benefits, very numbers driven. You're graded on everything and ranked in the hundredth's of a percentile on things often out of your control. If you can handle that, no problem
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Great place to work

Travelers is a great company to work for. Good culture and plenty of opportunities for growth. Everyone is happy to be a resource if you have any questions
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Excellent claim group

Inclusive and supportive environmentGreat training program Good technology useOpportunities to grow and develop professionally Managers vary but mine was the greatest resource
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Casualty Claims Resolution Specialist, Attorney Represented

Great place to work but hybrid schedule (3 days in the office) is so unnecessary especially for the ones have proven to be successful outside of the office.
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Overall great place

I have great experience working here. It's a large company so that might not be the same for all as management and teams are different in other areas.
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A Great Place to Work

Travelers is an excellent place to work. I've been here for 13 years and find it a very progressive, stable company. They believe in promoting from within when they can rather than bring in someone from the outside for leadership positions.
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Fun place

Very accommodating to employees. People are very nice. The work environment is very clean. People are helpful and knowledgeable. Great place to work.
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Great environment

I loved working at travelers. Great people and good company. There was a lot of opportunity for advancement. Management is highly engaged in growth opportunities!
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High workload, managers only care that employees follow company approved guidelines, thinking outside the box is discouraged, promotions are only handed out to friends of managers.
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