Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Dynamic, fast paced work environment

At Thermo Fisher Scientific we experienced dynamic, and fast paced work. Always a lot to do, always a lot to learn. Even though stressful at times, no one ever had the chance to get bored, which is a great thing. Being in a multicultural environment taught me many things. Soft skills, on how to treat various customer (inside and outside of the company), how to work as a team, even when the others are thousands of miles away, and most importantly how to adapt to the changes and the different situations that one can encounter. Shouldn't forget the hard skills neither. Back when the company was called Life Technologies, we were always proud of our processes, and the way how we handled daily inquiries inside and outside of the company. This worked out so well, that when we got embraced into the Thermo Fisher family, Life Technologies was given the ability to maintain it's self-dependence within the organization, and also LifeTech processes were adapted into the bigger picture. Of course, an environment like this has hardships as well. For us, what was very difficult, is having more than half of the team in another country, and also our seniour manager in a third country. Working remotely and managing decisions and problems was sometimes a nightmare. It's so easy to misunderstand when you can only consult via phone. But we always worked hard to overcome these hardships, and to introduce new processes that would help our daily communication and other needs. This is the first company I've ever worked at, and I couldn't be happier about that. Thermo Fisher Scientific / Life Technologies - 

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Learning opportunities, health care

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Communication issues, vacation restrictions

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Céges kultúra: 5,0/5 csillag
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I would recommend it in case you are looking for a challenging Job

I would recommend it in case you are looking for a challenging Job
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