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Great Place to work. and Great people to

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Enjoy my time working with Hartford it was also room to grown in learning new things It was a place were you could grow. Great place to work.

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Gret Lunch

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Need Great Healthcare
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Has become a boiler room

Back to back calls from alot of people who do not know their address. Management pushes your time card through and holds 15 minute huddles where they talk and talk and repeat things over and over to take up the whole 15 mins. But that is it. They are paid quite alot to do that, and spend most of their time in meetings supposedly. But they arent real managers. No support or coaching, but they do make money off the sales reps back, and in return, you will sell 100 policies and get 1k for it. Do not work here. This company has changed so much in the past year. Boiler room.
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Great atmosphere

Lots of amazing and talented individuals that are always willing to share their expertise and knowledge. The company is very big on diversity and inclusion and provides training for leaders and individuals to respect everyone.
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The workload of this job is a lot. There is a lot in training they do not go over. You are expected to meet your goals every day. If you have one day where you did not meet metrics, they will be sure let you know it out. Pay is decent and the PTO is decent. If you do not wish to work in a call center this is not the job for you
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I was there for 12 years, learned a lot but was stuck in the same position and I just wasn't happy. The culture has gone from quality to quantity and if you don't like skipping steps and providing lackluster customer service it's a decent job.
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Great place to work

Loved working both in office and remote. If I ever got the opportunity to work here again, I’d take it. There is a remote only work option now that they did not renew the lease on the building.
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Great Company

The Hartford is a great company to work for. They are forward-thinking and inclusive. Management does care about employee work-life balance and does everything in their power to help maintain happy employees.
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Decent employer, unrealistic workload and lack of training

Decent employer. Workload is unrealistic and training is not long enough. Metrics are unreasonable. I haven’t been in this position long and I’m already regretting it.
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It’s okay if you like status quo

This place is a great fit for professionals who are used to working at legacy companies. The culture is okay; leadership was decent. The pay is not great
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Great culture, interesting work, chance to grow

After a long career at smaller companies this is my first corporate role. I didn't know what to expect and am more than happy with my decision to come here. A great team, interesting work, managers who care about my success - at a company that I feel truly cares about its employees and about doing the right thing across the board - sounds too good to be true, but it's not. Of course it's a corporate job so there is corporate stuff you have to do - but the benefits far outweigh any of that.
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Difficult work, but fully remote

My job involves working with insurer and policy holders. It involves a lot of hand holding and direction. However, for the most part I feel appreciated.

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fully work from home and great benefis

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high turnover in staffing
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I worked in the disability call center for three years. It was around the pandemic when I realized that I was done with the call center because of the level of stress.There's so many made up metrics that they hold you accountable for and there is plenty of micromanaging going on. If you don't mind being a robot answering the same four questions every day, week, month, and year then the call center is for you.My schedule was M-F which is the only thing I liked and the ability to work from home but the pay needs to be increased for call center workers.
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Bad manager

The manager always had favorite agent if you were their favorite they would treat others with different actions not a team player . Some of the people would make up stuff so you would get in trouble for false accusations
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Love working for The Hartford

I started in Jan 2022 and thoroughly enjoy working here. Management is very supportive and encourages advancement. Extensive training, but it was very helpful.
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Stifling atmosphere

The job involves doing the same thing over and over and over again. I was never permitted to work on tasks that displayed my strengths, and became increasingly detached and burnt out. Insurance agents are often rude and inconsiderate. My first manager made no effort to match their employees with their skills and interests, and seemed most preoccupied with ensuring that most of their employees never advanced beyond their department. Management also plays favorites; those are the only individuals who ever get promoted or receive bonuses. Management also strongly discourages the discussion of salaries and wages (very telling, because not only do they play favorites, but they also pay significantly less than Travelers, who was their biggest competitor at the time). All in all, I got a few transferable skills from this job, and not much else.

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Short breaks, short lunch, low pay, managers play favorites, clientele is rude and incompetent, job is mind-numbingly boring
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Pros and cons

No work life balance although wfh is a big plus. 55-60 hr week to meet unrealistic metrics is the norm. Extreme micromanaging is just managing to leadership. There are good teams and good managers, but that’s probably heavily dependent on their own managers values and expectations.
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Great company overall

Wonderful company, great benefits and generous PTO. However...about 2 yrs ago they laid-off a TON of people! Ever since, we have been severely understaffed and overworked. Not typical of the decade prior and hopeful they will continue to hire, to protect the sanity of us still with the company. I think of leaving often, as they pay less than their competitors, but with their convenient remote work option and time-off, I'll likely stay-put.
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Good Company for starting out your career

I log into work then get on the phones, where I take inbound calls for auto an home insurance. I've learned integrity selling and hoe to be ethical from a business aspect.
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Job is tough but company makes it worth it

The job itself can be challenging and stressful, but my management truly does their best to make things better. Compensation and bonus are above market.
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Flexibility at work but hard to move around company/to different positions. Can’t always take time off you want as you can only have so many people in your department take off at one time
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Great team of people, overworked, insane amount of claims youre expected to handle

People,trainers and supervisor were great. The workload is insanely heavy, which explains why turnover in claims is so high. I couldnt find another job soon enough. If you take a job in claims tons of other companies will try to recruit you because they cant keep people either. STAY AWAY FROM CLAIMS ADJUSTER JOBS

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Great team of people

Kontra érvek

Heavy workload, benefits arent great and expensive
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