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Your immediate bosses may be decent, but top management is divorced from realities

My immediate boss and manager had a good understanding of what we did (indeed they often helped with the grunt work when we didn't have enough hands), but the top management is completely divorced from reality. They drag their feet while hiring new workers, and don't raise salaries enough to keep the experienced workers, so we were constantly understaffed.

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Smart and helpful colleagues, direct manager did a good job

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Indolent top management

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Munka/magánélet egyensúlya: 4,0/5 csillag
Bérezés/juttatások: 4,0/5 csillag
Munkahelyi biztonság/Előrelépés: 3,0/5 csillag
Vezetőség: 3,0/5 csillag
Céges kultúra: 4,0/5 csillag
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IT Support specialist L2/L3

My tasks are: • Service Desk Implementation (founding L2 agent at firm). • Providing voice and email and virtual desktop technical support to End Users and co-ordination with Vendors, Client Problem Management team; • Proactive monitoring and performing documented escalation process; • Desktop and application support (all MS office products, SQL 2008 and 2012 databases, Windows Server 2012, MS O365 administration); • Working with ITSM (IT service management) ticketing tools; • Work experience with an ERP systems (Inet, CMS, M3 Lawson, SAP, Oracle mainly db tasks); • English and French support. Providing troubleshooting on: - Application support (O365 and Exchange server, member of BPOS resolver team) - Printers and MFDs - VPN software and collaboration tools (Cisco Anyconnect, PointSharp) - User admin and remote control tools (Windows Active Directory, AS400) - MS Windows & Office, Desktops, Laptops, iPad, Peripherals and Networking - Application and Workplace IT & Communications & Collaboration Support (including IP Telephony).
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Nice job, bad company

Hiring process was more like they were forcing me in. The trick was with money: one third of salary went on taxes, one quarter of remaining income went on house rent. No support with relocation in a place where landlords can't speak your language. Only half of promised relocation amount has been reimbursed. Superiors hardly communicate with you. Work conducted with very rigid policies.One must fight to get a benefit, even if should be provided as per country's law. Otherwise excellent local colleagues. It was more like remote work for a big customer. Actually it was the customer who provided absolutely everything needed for the actual job. Included here: office, supplies, IT hardware and software, tools, training and, yes, great collaborative colleagues to perform the site work for us.
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envirenement propre

comme c'est ma première expérience, j'ai beaucoup apprécié le groupe et le travail dans un environnement multinational
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