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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)-alkalmazotti értékelés erre a pozícióra: Technical Support Specialist

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Decent first job

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I was working at TCS as an IT service desk analyst for more than 2.5 years which was clearly more than enough. The salary is gentle, about the same as the competitors can provide, but the benefits are poor. My project was a well functioning project, with competent management, but the same may not apply for all the projects. There is huge fluctuation at the company, which made me feel like it was not as professional as it should be. The processes are slow as basically India has to approve the highest number of queries. (E.g. Badge arrives 3 weeks after your first day from India.) The local HR, Payroll could be accessed on given days in the building which was not enough. I had incredible workload sometimes as the company often could not employ enough people who spoke the rare language that we supported. This caused frustration and general dissatisfaction. The kitchen in my floor was kinda untended and dirty and the same can be said about the restrooms. However I've learnt a lot of about myself, IT and customer handling which is pretty usefull for the future
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Unprofessionalism of the management is scandalous. You are just a number if you don't like to the young and sad supervisors..good for young people who wants earn some money for the parties in Budapest

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A few

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You'll see
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I like working with people from different background, ethnicity and education history. TATA gave me the opportunity to experience a real melting pot for a daily office job.

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Possible to work part time

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Constantly changing collegues
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Fun workplace, colorful place

Great workplace, with amazing international co workers as well as great management. Great place to grow in case you have the patience to wait before getting promoted.
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Fun with cultural diversity colleagues

It was really fun and challenging working in an innovative, international Company such as Tata Consultancy Service, with a cultural diversity in the workplace.
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