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managers not really helpfull

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managers not really helpfull. the work culture wasnt the best. not very helpful people not really any training. Must learn to do most things on your own.
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I worked as a temporary computer tech for their outsourced projects

I worked as a temporary computer tech for their outsourced projects. They usually get in contract with fair employers and I never had problem either getting the position in the TEKsystems or in the field.
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The grass is as Green as you want to make it!

There are problems with any company. This is a smaller organization that tries hard to satisfy customers and employees and has problems like everyone. One good thing is that they are very attentive to reasonable requests for schedule modifications if you need occasional time off. Owners are fair and hands on. NOT a HOSTILE environment.
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Great company to start your career.

Worked there just as soon as the pandemic and lockdown started. They have a good structure as they were able to provide quick response to allow us to wfh. Work is stressfull during peak days. Work life balance is okay. Good company to improve skills. Left the company due to stressful commute and stressful lead.
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No cooperation with contract team and TEK

Overall I felt no connection to TEK as I worked this contract position. No support from anyone. Lost. After getting the contract, TEK didn’t follow up or help transition. Poor management.
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Highschool drama and Mean Girl style

A lot of fresh out of college ppl who become manager quickly. Once they become manger the power gets to their head. Very clickie and if your not in the group you will be terminated or targeted. Mangers are disrespectful & degrading. The training is horrible & they don’t prepare you for all aspects. I wouldn’t recommend this company unless your fresh out of college and have no life/kids/family and wear pink on Wednesdays.
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Friendly and supportive

Supportive HR staff, smooth onboarding.Medical benefits includes 5 dependents. Good number of clientele, finding a project is never been difficult. Talent Acquisition Team is very energetic and committed to employees growth.
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IT Recruiter

Decent company. Wish they had a better commission structure. Management changes often. Not alot of upward movement. But the company overall is okay. Not the greatest
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Not efficient

Not reliable enough for a steady stable job. They will make it sounds amazing but if you don’t work no pay and very micromanaged. Any necessary holidays are unpaid as well.
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Good depending on what role and contract you get

some clients low ball your hourly rate. if you are working on a healthcare IT implementation project you can make good money, however, be prepared for last minute EVERYTHING if you are working on a project. Things can change on a dime but that is the nature of the job.

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Kontra érvek

poor communication for leadership
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very competitive, fun ,good management,good opportunities

Good Work Life BalanceVery Fast pacedTight DeadlinesGood Opportunities to workGood Team and mentorsGreat Exposure to Higher ManagementGood Team members.

Pro érvek

Mentor, oppotunity, Exposure

Kontra érvek

compensation, Deadlines, Commute
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They should respect employees

They should respect employees concerns, Should evaluate employees performance yearly, very much client focused organization. No better leave policies.
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Nice workplace

I liked them they were pretty accommodating to everything and would let us know if there was anything that needed improvement and things we needed to work on.
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Productive work place

Working at TekSystems brought a lot of new skills. Opportunity to get promoted within the project that was being fulfilled for LAUSD. Great experience with customer service and learning more on using technology.
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TEKsystems recruiters have been great to work with

The recruiters and management at TEKsystems has been great to work with on the available contract jobs in the IT realm that are out there. I have worked with TEKsystems in different parts of the country (USA) and find them easy to work with.
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High-pressure workplace with long hours

While it does provide opportunity for this with little experience and teaches core excel skills, it is very draining and not well compensated for the workload. A bit of a bad culture disguised by team building and good direct teammates. Management and overall leadership doesn't offer advancement based on performance.
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Good place to work.

If you want a job in the networking domain, you can choose Teksystems as it has a lot of client. I would recommend people to join it if you got no other offers in hand.
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Good place to wotk

As long as the work is there, its a good place to work. The job is contract work, if the work keeps coming the employment is good. Work time is as early as 6:00am and leave at 3:00pm.
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It's okay if u need a job fast

I was contacted by phone from a recruiter from TekSystems. My recruiter is great! They set me up with an entry level job within 2 weeks. I was freshly out of college. They also showed me a bunch of opportunities and allowed me to pick from them. They didn't ghost me like most recruiters do. We talk about once a week to catch up. Warning: I heard the other recruiters from this company gets you a Job and never contact you until the gig is over.This is my first staffing gig and so far it's great, my co workers are great as well. The pay and benefits aren't worth the effort I put in. Oh, there are only health insurance, eye and dental. It can be pretty expensive as well.

Pro érvek

Free lunches, paid every week

Kontra érvek

Low pay
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Depends on your contract

I love working for TEKsystems, although everyone's experience will be widly different base on their contract. I enjoy the contract I am on, but TEK has little say when it comes to the hours I work and the things I do. Management has been amazing to me and I throughly enjoy the conversations i've had. Overall, it's really about the contract you work since they are the ones calling the shots.
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Good team of HR

Its an ouysourcing company which doesnot provide any facilities to its employess..working with hp as client is really a good thing though u ll miss out on aml benefits of hp

Pro érvek

No pros

Kontra érvek

No salary hike..bad health insurance
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