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Must be good at cold calling

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If you are good at finding your own leads and cold calling this is a good fit for you, otherwise you spend a lot of time collecting payments. Not a lot of lead support.
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They are trying but they could do better

Management sucks and needs and oveehaul.. they are constantly putting new groups of hired with managers that know nothing about the poster.. they pull them from another department without training them in their new role and it causes a lot of misunderstandings. Hardest part of the job is yhe unrealistic metrics they hold their employees to.. they give 6 mins per call SIX MINUTES. I'm my experience the situations people are calling in about take more than 6 minutes to explain. Dealing with customers who have been run through buricratic system and nothing has been resolved. When often times it's the laziness of the plotter employees around you wanting to make their number so they push calls to others. The environment in which the growth is encouraged is that of laziness and inconsistencies.

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No pros, decent benefits

Kontra érvek

Everything else
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Stressful unhappy job

Stressful job, Agents are prima donnas and usually gone, customers rude, company systems are a joke, company so big it doesn't know what it's doing. very, very poor upper management now. it's totally different company now from when i started, and for the worse.

Pro érvek

you are not digging a ditch.

Kontra érvek

horrible management, horrible technology systems, communication broken down, stressful, pushy agents, rude customers, etc.
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Great company to work for

Great work environment and great culture. I have enjoyed my time here so far the culture and environment are very growth oriented and have been very good at helping me learn the systems and processes.
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The company itself is great but do little to monitor their agents

The company is great but fails to monitor their individual agents. I worked for an agent and my experience was horrible. I was paid late multiple times and told to move my bills around because of not being paid on time. My boss was always out of office & at times even skipped meetings that she had wanted me to schedule for her.
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If you are looking for a place to learn about financing and insurance, State Farm is a good place to be at. If you have a good agent, you will be able to help out customers and learn more.
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Ok Work Eviornment

State Farm gave me my first job into the insurance industry. A typical day consisted of new assignments, making referrals, answering phone calls, weekly meetings, and meeting with policyholders, agents, claimants, and legal. The culture was one of nepotism and whose umbrella of protection you was under. The most enjoyable part of the job is the daily challenges, nothing the same from day to day.
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Limited Opportunities, bad training and system

I was hired at a bilingual agency. I am bilingual but I do not speak Spanish but they were okay with that. However, I wasn’t getting as many clients as my other co-workers were because of the language barrier. Additionally, nobody was willing to teach me the system. State Farm’s system is very confusing and complex. I would sit in a corner by myself and expected to figure out on my own. My manager always told me to ask for help but when I did my coworkers made me feel less of myself. I was also thrown into sales. I didn’t know any of the service work so I was constantly confused and overwhelmed. I think it depends on the agency you go to but if you go to one that is bilingual but they hire you just because you’re licensed, don’t do it.
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Productive work enviroment

Very good place to be if you want to feel rewarded for your work. What you put in is what you get out. If your productive and focused you will be rewarded.
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Easy until micromanaging

Easy job. They had way too many employees for the amount of work to do. It was a challenge to "look" busy all day. Eventually they ended up laying off a bunch of people and micromanaging the rest - down to what time you could use the restroom. It just became too much hassle & stress. Glad I left.
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Good benefits & room for growth

It’s a good company, especially if you’re wanting to advance. There is a lot of room for growrh and the benefits are really good. Not a lot of micromanaging depending on the department.
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Nice culture

Great culture. Lots of growth opportunities when you do your work. Hard to stay focused because it is repetitive and can be a bit boring. Back to back call. Micro managing is the worst of it.
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Work somewhere else

What is the best part of working at the company?Depending on the agency, the best part was the hour lunch and being stress free sometimes What is the most stressful part about working at the company?- meeting sales goals with your job on the line - mad customers because rates went up- threats - gossip from team members - paying bills due to not making sales because rates went upWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Again , depending on the agency, it can be very hectic and stressful. I’ve had panic attacks daily at one agency & got threatened to get fired constantly. Then at another, there was a lot of gossip but it was less stressful because my job wasn’t on the line 24/7. Either way it is always stressful because StateFarm rates are insane and no one wants to get new insurance and you wait on hold for understanding and service to get a simple answer for hours daily , which makes the customers more mad because the system sucks What is a typical day like for you at the company?Take care of customers, say the same thing about rates going up, customers getting mad at you daily but there is nothing you can do. At least you get to take an hour lunch to relax mid shift
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Hectic Training

Maybe hectic isn’t the right word since training lasts for 5 months. Discombobulated? Creaky? Unhinged? For weeks they train you with no clear rhyme or reason why certain things are taught first, and when you give suggestions for how training can be bettered they respond with “that can’t be changed for legal reasons.” Fair, I guess. There’s a fair amount of “figure it out” that happens in the later part of training where managers could help you figure out the answer to a problem but instead let you flounder and try on your own. That only works when you have been trained well enough to know where to look for answers. The pay and benefits are good, but after training you have to bid for time off, and that gets competitive. Claim specialists who have been there for a while are overworked and the company is hiring thousands to help them out, but it’s clear why there is so much turnover.
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Entry level

Can be very overwhelming so much information and constantly felt like I wasn’t helpful because I kept having to find answers. Also have a pretty strict schedule and super high volume.
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The management was quite friendly and supportive in assisting with training. The working environment was also pleasant as it was canvassing the neighborhood.
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I loved getting online with my customers and being able to help them with any of there needs

Great customer service making the customers comfortable and filing there claims. Transfering the customer to the right person to assist with there needs!

Pro érvek

Work from gone

Kontra érvek

Being able to multitask at first but ince i got the hang if it i felt like a professional
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Fun workplace

Good workplace culture, my team helped motivate me a lot when working here. My manager would help motivate me a lot towards promotional opportunities
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Entry level customer service

Very difficult to get promotions. Must stay entry level for a year and then can only apply in current department. Very few open positions for promotions.
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Work from home

State Farm provides reliable insurance with excellent customer service. Their policies are comprehensive, and claims are processed efficiently. Highly recommended.
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More Negative Than Positive for me

Not a conscious capitalism or culture conscious organization. People do not matter. Just warm bodies to work the phones. Primary concern was organization as the top insurance carrier and how employees/variants made that happen through harsh managers & metrics & micromanaging. A few team leaders who want variants to succeed to meet their personal leadership goals dictated by upper management.
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