State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
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Must be good at cold calling

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If you are good at finding your own leads and cold calling this is a good fit for you, otherwise you spend a lot of time collecting payments. Not a lot of lead support.
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Productive and high pay

They have really good schedule especially if you’re a student. Work can get really overwhelming because it’s back to back calls. If you have a manager that micromanages, it puts more stress on you but good pay
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Depends what agent you work for

I have worked for a few different agents. Some micromanage, some are just there (not physically in office) to collect a paycheck and some just want you for themselves with no option to advance in the company.
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Not worth the time I invested

I worked on the agency side as a team member for over 5 years, for a few different agents. Overall, the agents do not treat their employees well or compensate them fairly, nor are they encouraged to by State Farm's corporate training programs, at least in my experience. I went through the agent aspirant program and was planning to open my own office, and in that program we were trained to squeeze as much out of team members as possible for as little compensation as we could. They're ok with a revolving door and encourage agents to always be recruiting to replace lost team members rather than invest in your existing team. This is not conducive to a good or healthy office culture and creates a pretty terrible work environment, in my opinion.
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bad agent bad job, good agent probably good job

I had a bad agent that didn't support us and lowered our pay when he/the office wasn't getting enough sales even if we hit our bonus numbers individually.
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Completely depends on the Agent you work for

Some agencies are amazing and a great work environment. Others not so much, depends on who your agent is. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and even switch agencies if need be.
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Not a bad place to learn

I felt like this was a solid enough job to learn the basics of marketing. It's not exciting at all but I knew what I was getting into. Because of the restrictions from HQ, you're very limited in what you're able to pull off as a marketer.

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kind staff

Kontra érvek

no opportunities for growth
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Not a good place to work

Just overall terrible. I did not enjoy my time here. No way to advance in your career, even if you personally work for the company. Do not recommend working at this company
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Overall its a good company to work at. They have lots of different schedule options. very good work environment. Room to grow and provided job security.
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Stressful environment to work in

First, you do not work for State Farm. You work for the agent who works for State Farm. You do not get any benefits that State Farm employees get, which is unacceptable because 90% of the time you do their jobs as well. These agents expect you to be 110% loyal to them, while they couldn’t care less about you. They have made constant changes to the system that do not benefit team members whatsoever. You’ll finally get used to it, and then the next week when they roll out their updates you won’t have any idea where anything is located. The funny thing about the new system and all the changes is that it was created by a group of people who have never worked a single day at State Farm or as a team member. More than half of the agents (State Farm employees) don’t even know how to do daily activities, or even know how to work the system. They can sit back and collect a paycheck that YOU as a team member make for them. These job postings are BS as well. The pay range is always wrong. They say you can make $40k-$70k, which is very misleading. Good luck hitting $30k when you start. I’ve been doing this for 5 years, and barely make $50k. Stay as far away as possible.
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They hire good people

State Farm hires good people then treat them like used diapers. Metrics are the only ways to prove your valuable because they never remember the story behind the numbers. They don’t remember the time it took help an elderly non-tech savvy person or the vehicle the tow company lost or the customer that doesn’t understand the policy they bought. Great customer service equals bad metrics thus equals not job.

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Benefits are great

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Metrics, you’re disposable and they’re soul sucking
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leasing consultant

good environment. always productive and people are around to teach you many skills and attributes. I enjoyed the culture, the hardest part is being able to have time management.
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Good benefits as far as corporate goes, but lots of micro-managing and boring work

Benefits and pay are pretty competitive compared to similar corporate jobs. Depending on department, there may be more or less flexibility with schedule and work from home. I was able to finish two different degrees while working in customer service/sales roles. They accommodate to school schedules and allowed me to fluctuate from part-time and full-time. Pay was good enough to live off of. HOWEVER, there are huge discrepancies between how different supervisors manage and grant bonuses. Some can be very micro-managee. Many are incompetent and unqualified to be honest. This is frustrating when trying to move up in the company.
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Great Company to grow skills in sales

You get what you put inThey give you what you need to make your sales,Great teamGreat energyYou have to be willing to call, call, call Great customer interactions in person

Pro érvek

No commission cap, inside training, fast paced

Kontra érvek

cold calls
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Fast Paced Job and no 2 days are ever the same.

Loved the work! Of course it varies based on who you are working for and with. Enjoyed interacting and problem solving and writing policies for customers.
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Company has changed for the worse

a great company at one time. just too concerned about profit and don’t care about field claims people! hard working people not promoted to keep them working. others promoted for race or gender. i. had same pay grade for 20 years.

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Overwhelming work load and no development
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Company was not good to work for. Unfair to the employees.

Very unreliable income being it all commission based. Very hard to get time off, let alone paid time off. The manager would often not pay the commission on time, or at all.
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Fast paced and detailed work

There are a lot of inbound and outbound calls. Systems are constantly changing so you always have to learn how to complete the same task in a completely different way. This is time consuming but in the end it usually gets straightened out. (By systems, I am referring to the quoting process and the billing departments) As for being in an agents office, each office is different since agents are independent contractors but do not expect benefits. You should be paid commission on auto for the 6 month renewal and some type of bonus for writing life policies.
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Quiet, family felt sweet atmosphere

While working at State Farm, I was met with only two other people working there. They are so sweet and humble. The Agent was straight to the point upfront and honest. But funny and liked to make jokes. The other coworker was beyond patient and kind. She made sure to answer all my questions. Overall the work is easy and the pay is fair. There are stressful times and sad times but the good days outweigh the bad.
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Pay is Good for starters

The payment if good if you're just starting out as a state farm insurance agent. Although not too many people would like this as they advance in business
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Be cautious of your pay.

While I love working for SF. Some agents don't pay well and commission is a joke at some. They have 2 different systems and one is easy the other is hard. They should just simplify it and make it easier for the team member and customer, but don't.
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